World Heritage Day

GDSPS celebrated April 18th’2022 as the World Heritage Day also known as “The International Day for Monuments and Sites.” It is an internationally recognised day to raise awareness about preserving the history, diversity, and vulnerability of world heritage sites and monuments. The idea behind celebrating this day is to encourage students and our future citizens to consider the importance of cultural heritage and promote awareness about the world’s efforts required to protect and conserve it.

To celebrate this special day as a foreteller of the past, a  plethora of activities were organized to enlighten students about the value and significance of rich cultural diversity and the importance of protecting and preserving the same. As part of the celebrations, students experienced the varied flavors of the world’s rich cultural legacy through various activities. 

At Primary level, the activities included – Warli Painting session by Soul Art club, a Quiz on the heritage of our country by Quizzers Club, a showcase of folktales of various states by Amphimanch, a Virtual tour of historical places in Delhi followed by a discussion by Akshara Club, Discussion on different types of rocks used to form various monuments followed by an experiment of formation of rocks by Science Club. Children also enjoyed jingles and songs presented by students of the Music Club and Dance Clubs.

At Senior Level, the activities included PowerPoint Presentations on raising awareness about the World Heritage Day, Storytelling sessions, Virtual visits to some of the UNESCO protected monuments like Rani ki Vav, the Hampi and other monuments and heritage sites. The three-day programme also involved Heritage Quiz conducted by the students of class IX followed by talk on Heritage conservation. Students of classes VII, IX and X participated in Poster Making Competition and the students of classes V and VI learnt the importance of Conserving Heritage by planting traditional saplings and by playing traditional games like pitthoo, Kho-Kho etc. Heritage sites may be classified as natural and manmade. These sites have gained global importance because they stand to represent the art, culture and civilization of the past. The determination, skill and architectural capability of our ancestors are reflected by man made heritage sites and monuments and some of them could give us a clear picture of their imagination too. Taking this into account, various workshops were conducted like Pottery Making, Classical Dance, Teaching of Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe, in which children participated enthusiastically. The three days Heritage celebrations culminated with a movie show for Class VI on “Ramayana”, our Intangible cultural Heritage. Apart from serving as a mirror of our past glory, heritage silently serves as the basis for the socio-economic development of our communities. Next generation is in young hands and our identities are built on where we have come from. The celebration on World Heritage Day strived to instill a sense of responsibility in young minds towards the World Heritage and to teach them to observe the World Heritage Day not just as any day but as a special day for the recognition of their identity and their future.
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