All children across the world love chocolate. The chocoholics of Pre-primary classes celebrated World Chocolate Day on 7th July 2022 in a scrumptious way. On this occasion, the students of Nursery and KG classes relished eating yummy and delicious chocolates. The tiny tots also went on a virtual tour to the Cadbury and Kitkat chocolate factory wherein they learned that chocolates are made of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar. They were also taught about the health benefits of eating chocolates in moderation, as excess can cause tooth decay. They also learned that chocolates are made from cocoa beans and it is available in different flavors. A short quiz related to different brands of chocolates was conducted in the class. All the children were eager to identify the names of the chocolates. They had a great time relishing them with their friends. It was a sweet and joyful celebration.
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