Workshop: Wellspire

Conducted by: Mr. Munish Malhotra from Conscious Leap
Date: 2nd May, 2022
A workshop on mental wellbeing was conducted for the teachers teaching classes VI- VIII by Conscious Leap, an organization which works towards unlocking human potential. Mr. Munish Malhotra, the resource person, apprised about the programme WELLSPIRE, one of the products of Conscious Leap, its aim is the growth of students’ academic performance and social integration. He commenced the workshop with his concern for students of the 21st century who have become extremely tech savvy, particularly after the pandemic. He highlighted the mental health issues which include depression, anxiety, and conduct disorder and are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. There is an urgent need to adopt preventive wellbeing at an early age so that they can manage their emotional health. Therefore ‘Wellspire’ aims to build a foundation of wellbeing in students at an early age. The 21st century students are agile, creative, open to change, collaborative, and have greater aspirations but firstly they need to be self-aware and remain motivated to succeed in life.

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