Workshop – NINE IS MINE : Inclusive Youth Negotiations (INUN) PRATYeK

Students of G.D. Salwan Public School participated in a fortnight day-long workshop on Inclusive Youth Negotiations (INUN) PRATYeK organised online by NINE is MINE. The students of class XI, Yogita Mittal and Rosy Khanna were among children from 121 countries and NGOs representing diverse regional and social backgrounds from all over India. The students of GDSPS were part of the group ‘PINK’ that bagged the First Position. The group made a presentation on the inclusion of youth in United Nations.

The workshop comprised of several activities combined with simple lectures, group discussions and creative presentations. The participants learnt about the General Comment-26, a guidance by the United Nations to 121 countries on how children’s rights are impacted by the environmental crisis with special focus on climate change and what governments must do to uphold the rights of children.

Students had an opportunity to interact with UNICEF India to help design a new campaign on climate change. It was a learning experience for students of drafting the general comment-26. They also learnt about Green budgets, Green policies and about different environment conventions of UN.

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