Day – Monday Date – 23th May, 2022 Venue – Pearl Academy : Rajouri Campus Topic – Fashion Design, Textile design, interior design and media 

Students of class XII had the opportunity of campus visit to Pearl Academy Institute of Fashion Designing. It gave them an exposure to the concept of ‘Design’ and how it can be integrated and used in many fields. There were discussions about various fields and topics. Some of the fields and topics which were discussed in the visit are listed below. There was a detailed discussion over topics like Interior Design and Fashion Design.  Mr. Richard spoke about Interior design and how it is the most important aspect of living a comfortable life, as one’s indoors is the place where he/she spends most of their time. The students learnt about the important aspects to it like comfort, safety, efficiency, color scheme, patterns used on the walls and furniture etc in order to make it look pleasing to the human eye and feel comfortable and relaxed.He also spoke about Fashion Design which enabled learners to think creatively, innovatively as well as picturising things in a beautiful yet different manner. There was also discussion about Media and other Career Services. 

The students were given a tour of the campus, to learn about latest technical equipment and various workstations and what they are dedicated to in the campus.There were textile rooms, studios, 3D printing rooms and advanced machines for designing latest fashionable clothes.They were also engaged in the activity of making “Jaalis”(wall engravings to prevent air passage for maintaining a lower room temperature in hot areas.)  from ice cream sticks, toothpicks and paper. It was a very creative and engaging session for the students which included  teamwork and innovation. They were also enlightened about Cinematography which is the art and technology of motion picture photography. Overall, this educational visit was a great learning experience for the students and made them aware of  various career opportunities in of-beat careers.

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