Visit to National Science Center

An educational visit was organized for the students of class IX on 6th July, 2022 to the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, Delhi, also known as ‘A Dream Castle for One and All’.
Students got an insight into the existence of prehistoric flora and fauna. The visit to the gallery was of utmost academic importance to the students as it covered many parts of Evolutionary Biology including the formation of earth and atmosphere, the origin of life forms, mass extinctions, details of fossil formation, human evolution. In the end, the students visited the Fun Science Gallery which caught their attention instantly. The students participated in different quizzes, played games based on science, and loved the mirror illusions. The prolific excursion aroused curiosity in the minds of young learners. It was truly a thrilling and motivating experience for one and all. The students returned exuberantly after an invigorating day of edutainment!
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