Trip to KidZania

GDSPS had organized fun and enjoyable trip to KidZania for the students of classes Nursery to III on 26th July 2022, Tuesday. The kids were educated, inspired, and empowered by real-life experience through role-play activities like making Parle – G biscuits, they learned how a fireman rescues people from fire, how an ambulance transports a patient to the hospital, how the parlor provides beauty services, etc. The team of the dance studio trained the students who showcased their dance performances cheerfully. It was a wonderful trip with lots of new learning and unique exposure for the students. There were many activities in which our children were completely engrossed. Kidzania had mini setups of dominos, Nutella, petrol pump, Big Bazaar, bank, etc. The children became firefighters, police officers, dentists, delivery personnel, etc. These activities stimulated their creative thinking skills which boosted their self-confidence. The activities offered a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity for all the kids. Through this experience, they also learned real life values, social skills, and teamwork. It was overall a fun-filled enriching experience for all the kids. They learned many new things, explored different activities, enjoyed a lot, and went home with great joy and sweet memories.
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