The World Chocolate Day Celebration at GDSPS

Chocolate is loved by everyone across the world. It not only acts as a good stress buster and a mood lifter but is also good for health. The World Chocolate Day was celebrated for the students of primary lasses (I-V) G on 7th July 2021 during online sessions.  The motive behind the celebrations was to work on speaking skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination and stretch those creative muscles through fun and interactive activities. Children enjoyed the day with fun by watching chocolate making videos and other exciting and creative activities were also conducted.  Through stories, students learned that chocolates are made of milk, cocoa powder, sugar and butter. They learned about the health benefits of eating chocolates but in moderations, as excess can cause tooth decay. Through videos and presentations, they learned that chocolates are made from coco beans, which when processed in the factory bring out varieties of chocolates.

 It was followed by ‘Flameless Cooking’ activity for Classes IV and V where students had the hands-on experience of making their own chocolates bar by adding nuts, seeds and fruits. The activity was the perfect blend of health and happiness.

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