Startup Ideas – 2022

1 - CONCIERGE ADVISORS by Arihant Jain and Aditya Madnani

Their idea is to provide information to the people who are willing to shift to any place in India for studies or jobs. The portal will reflect information like PG rooms, flats, schools, hospitals, etc. The source of revenue for them is their plans which people will purchase according to their needs. The students have created their website for the same.

2 - VIBE-IN ( solar power headphones) by Tanmay Manchanda and Kulsehaj Singh

Their idea is to solve the consumer’s problem of charging headphones. For that, they have made solar-powered headphones. Besides solar power, it will also have a USB charging portal.

3 - JUST ABOUT STORIES by Gursehaj and Prabhnoor

They focussed on providing short religious stories to kids of nuclear families. That will also help in clearing any myth regarding religion. The students have created the website for the same.

4 - XSPARK by Prabal Khandelwal and Sumit Adak

They have developed an idea of a foldable phone with a Pendrive slot. The phone will have the software which will mainly help in playing online games.

5 - GREEN E INTERIORS by Jasmine, Ridhima, and Jaishree

They have made an interior designing application that will scan the area to be furnished and give various options for interior designs. Their focus is to use environment-friendly material for the same. 

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