Shakespeare Week Celebrations

April 23 to April 30, 2022
William Shakespeare’s birthday anniversary week was celebrated by students of class IV and IX. The celebrations commenced with students narrating important lines from Shakespeare’s plays, celebrating the nobility and glory of mankind. The powerful rhetoric and brilliant rendition of the immortal lines by the students left the audience simply awestruck. Students were familiarized with the life and times of Shakespeare through a talk and a video on Shakespeare’s life and works. They were also taken on a virtual tour of ‘A Day in the Globe Theatre’. As a tribute to the bard’s poetic genius, the students of the school were shown animated videos of some of Shakespeare’s plays to create their interest in reading. Teachers also shared their reflections on some of the playwright’s popular plays. The quiz on his life and works was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers. It will certainly inspire the young students to read more of Shakespearean literature. The school Principal Ms. Mukul Jha spoke about the bard’s genius and the universal appeal of his plays and sonnets. Emphasizing on the timelessness of his literary masterpieces, she urged the students to delve into the depths of literature by becoming avid readers.


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