SET CPD(Coscholastics)

Date: 23 May 2022

Venue: SPS, Rajendra Nagar

Topic: Integration of visual and performing Arts and Sports in curriculum.
Resource Person: Ms. Alka Rao, Academic and Master Trainer.
Attended by: Smt.Charu Lal VP, Smt.Tarana Sehgal HM, Smt.Preety Sharma, Sh.Narrender Singh, Sh.Nishant Gupta, Sh.David Lal

The session started with warm-up activity to make the election in a jungle story-based sculpture to be made with balloons and thread. This was followed by s self-reflection activity to identify oneself through four zones of happiness: Survival zone, Avoidance zone, Anxiety zone and Growth zone.
The resource person emphasised on 21th century challenges in teaching-learning process, with the belief that energy flows where attention goes.
The participants discussed various methodologies to create learners more confident and skilled through joyful and activity based learning. Songs and dance can be integrated/connected with the theme of a subject taken. It was an informative and interactive session.

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