Red Colour Day- Nursery

“Colours are the smiles of nature. “ -James Henry Leigh Hunt (English Critic & Poet)  The students of Class Nursery celebrated the Red colour day on 12th April 2022 with great enthusiasm. The tiny tots were dressed up beautifully in Red colour clothes. The class was decorated with all red colour hangings like red balloons, red strawberries, red apples and red lights. Teachers were also dressed up in red-coloured clothes. Various objects in red colour were also displayed in the class such as fruits, red jam, red rose, paint, watermelon, red toys, red apples, etc. The children were very excited seeing red hangings, twinkling red lights and balloons. The following day was continued with the introduction of Red colour and colouring activity worksheet related to red colour. The children participated with great enthusiasm, filled with great learning. 
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