Quintessential Programmes

As an extension of our educational program, the quintessential programs support and enhance the general curriculum. The goal is to work in conjunction with educational programs to provide enrichment and awareness of community needs.

Events and Celebrations

Every event at GD Salwan is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and capabilities and learn new skills. The programs we organize include Special Assemblies, Show and Tell, Role Play Activity, Rock Sport Camp, Welcome Carnival, Excursions and many other festive activities.

The Rock Sport Camp provides a great platform to the students to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship. The entire event turns out to be an amazing experience for the students. This event works as a medium to channelise the abundant energy in the right direction and help children discover their interests in outdoor activities.


At GD Salwan, we believe that to celebrate different festivals is to celebrate India’s diversity. We celebrate every festival with great zeal, Montessori Children perform stage acts to make every onlooker realise the significant change that has happened in their overall personality and confidence.


Students from Nursery and KG have the opportunity to undertake educational excursions within the city of Delhi. The places visited are such that the learning from there dovetails with classroom learning. We will encourage each student to achieve his or her full potential by promoting curiosity and giving them firsthand experience.