Project Parivartan Workshop

Conducted by Heartfulness Education Trust

Organized by Salwan Education Trust

Date- 19 to 27 March, 2022 

As part of value-based education, the Heartfulness Programme for classes VI-VIII was organized by Salwan Education Trust (SET) in collaboration with Heartfulness Education Trust. It was a programme named ‘PROJECT PARIVARTAN’, the next step after the programme ‘INSPIRE’ which was organized for teachers of SET in the year 2021. It was attended by 21 students and 5 teachers from Salwan Schools under the aegis of SET. The students from GDSPS were Sharman Sagar Dadlani (VI B), Akshansh Dadwal (VI A) and Prashant Rawat (VIII A) and Ms. Pratima Chawla, teacher escort.

‘PROJECT PARIVARTAN’ was a blend of Yoga, Brighter Minds and Gitopdesh. It was a 7-day programme at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. Heartfulness Education Trust (HET) envisions the most effective way to transform society in a generation, to re-imagine, re-think the purpose of education and the role of Heart in the noblest profession of Teaching in creating an effective learning environment.

HET’s Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. It includes simple practice that awakens our potential for simple and joyful existence. The Kanha Shanti Vanam, located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Telangana, is the world headquarters of the Heartfulness Institute. The ashram is an ecological paradise, a place for spiritual retreat, where people can experience simple living in accordance with inner and outer nature. 

According to the programme, the Brain could be trained by doing the same activity, everyday at the same time. This way the hobbies, which are otherwise done in free time, become habits which one can find time to do on a daily basis.

It was a great learning experience for the students as they learnt that observation is very important. They also understood the value of asking questions and importance of gratitude.

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