Primary Education is the foundation of learning, laid at the formative stage of a child’s life. This age is the most impressionable span of life when these little learners are adaptive and observant of every activity happening around them in their immediate environment.
Our primary section of education is child-centric and focuses on inquiry-based learning so that the little ones find joy in learning. The interactive and engaging curricula with a delightful faculty help transform the curious minds into active learners and help them grow. The highly energetic environment complements experiential learning with curricular activities for holistic development. Subjects at the primary level are selected with the sole objective of making children aware of the world around them.

We constantly strive to ensure that children, at the early stages of their lives, get a strong foundation of academics through interaction, attention and guidance. This helps them develop into better individuals of tomorrow.

We believe in all-inclusive education and hence, our teaching spans beyond classrooms. We use our expansive natural surroundings, conduct field trips and excursions to make learning experiential.


Gurpurab Celebration

“There is but one God. True is His Name, creative His personality and immortal His form. He is without fear sans enmity, unborn and self-illumined. By the Guru’s grace He is obtained”.
– Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Keeping with the secular ethos of the school, the students of GD Salwan Public School, celebrated virtual Gurpurab Assembly on 18th November, 2021. The Special Assembly on Gurpurab commenced with the pious rendition of Mool Mantra (Sikh prayer) followed by the soulful shabad and kirtan.

The message of love and peace spread by him was also explained.

The importance of Gurpurab and various rituals associated with the festival were clearly elucidated by the students. They also shared with each other about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teachings and his contribution towards social reforms. Sakhi on ‘The Birth of a Star’ was beautifully enacted by our little learners.

The significance of customary Kadha Prasad and Langar was expounded by the students.  Lastly, the assembly concluded with a mellifluous Ardas.


"Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine”- Creativity by our little G D Salwanian on the occasion of Diwali.

‘Diwali; an occasion to celebrate victory over defeat, light over darkness, awareness over ignorance, an occasion to celebrate life.’

The literal meaning of Ayodhya is the one who is impossible to wage a war against. The festival of lights came alive at GD Salwan Public School on 2nd and 3rd November, 2021. The celebrations for classes I to VII took place on Zoom (online mode) where the whole school wore a festive look.

The students heralded the festival of lights by presenting Ram Charitra Manas (Anubhuti Bhagwan Ram Ki). The beautiful rendition was the perfect amalgamation of enactment and recitals of sholkas.

The programme was held on two consecutive days.

Day-1: –  2nd November, 2021. This eventful day highlighted the birth of Lord Rama, depicted the teachings of Guru Vashishtha and Guru Vishwamitra; nuptial ceremony of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita thereon hardship faced by them along with Laxman when sent on exile. To the reunion of Lord Rama and Bharat (Bharat Milap) every piece was beautifully enacted and delivered. The chants and hymns created an aura of positivity. 

Day-2: – Celebration carried forward the presentation of pious Ramcharitmanas, that instils hope, generates inspiration and spreads the light of knowledge. From Sita Haran to the heart-warming tale of Shabri and Lord Rama along with Lanka Dahan; Lord Ram- Ravana Yudh and hence the homecoming of Lord Rama all was rendered by our charming actors transporting the spectators to blissful heaven.

The resplendent enactment by our G.D Salwanians added sanctity to the festivity and spread the message that Lord Ram is the epitome of kindness, compassion, and love. The dictum ‘Victory of good over evil’ shall remain significant and uphold the greatest regard in our lives.

Splashing the colours of celebration- Gandhi Jayanti at GDSPS

Mahatma Gandhi ji, also known as Bapu by all Indians is acknowledged worldwide for his doctrine of non-violence that led India to its glorious freedom. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on 2nd October to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who is a pioneer of truth and non-violence. The day is also celebrated to pay tribute to Lal Bahadur Shastri, second Prime Minister of India and a great leader.

To revere this day, the students and teachers of GDSPS, held a Special Assembly to commemorate Gandhi ji’s life and teachings on 1st October,2021 in which Bapu’s noble messages were conveyed in the most effective and influential manner. Confident little commentators enlightened their peers with inspirational narration on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The teachers also stressed on the value of “Speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil.” They also motivated the students to imbibe the exemplary qualities of simple living and high thinking.

Dussehera Celebration

Celebrating festivals is an integral part of learning at Gyan Devi Salwan Public School. Being a diverse country, through such celebrations, students not only learn the significance behind the festival, but they also learn to embrace other traditions and cultures. Celebrations bring the school community together and build a close bond between the children.

Keeping up with this tradition, the festival of Dussehra was celebrated virtually by our Primary students on 13th October 2021. The students participated in fun-filled and learning activities which included a role play by the little ones who were beautifully dressed up to play the role of their favourite mythological character from Ramayana. The children who enacted were perfect in their poise, confidence, and expression.

The teachers also shared some valuable information about the festival thus enhancing their learning.



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