Nukkad Natak Performance – 2022

All the world’s a stage!
– William Shakespeare

This Shakespearean phrase came to life on 8th March 2022 for the energetic staff of GDSPS. The super talented GDSPS family presented “Nukkad Natak” on various themes such as:

  • Unmute Yourself- Teaching during Pandemic
  • Dekh Tamasha Media Ka- Degradation of Social Media
  • Vetan Yogi Kaise Bane Nirogi – Plight of a Salaried Man
  • Khelo India vs Khao India

8th March is also celebrated as International Women’s Day. To commemorate this day, Ms. Diksha presented a scintillating dance performance paying a tribute to women around the world.

At the time when the art circuit is more engaged in innovation and collaborations, rekindling an ancient form of storytelling was a welcome move. Nukkad Natak is a display of passion. It is not just about loud voices. It is about voices laced with satire and irony that can have an impact on society.

The great performances not only made the audience relate to the controversies and taboos but also touched their hearts making them feel a part of the same. Each team had a story to share. From a good script to voice modulation, expressions, and synchronization; each and every detail was manifested with perfection.

All the performances were highly appreciated by the stalwarts of Salwan family. The eventful day was culminated by a mellifluous dance performance by Ms. Diksha and Mr. Nishant wishing everyone a colourful and joyful Holi.

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