NEP 2020

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

To achieve full human potential and promote national development, the changes in New Education Policy 2020 have been introduced to make India a global knowledge superpower.

The NEP proposes significant changes in school education such as the policy focuses on overhauling the curriculum, “easier” Board exams, a reduction in the syllabus to retain “core essentials” and thrust on “experiential learning and critical thinking”.

The new NEP pitches for a “5+3+3+4” design corresponding to the age groups 3-8 years (foundational stage), 8-11 (preparatory), 11-14 (middle), and 14-18 (secondary). This brings early childhood education (also known as pre-school education for children of ages 3 to 5) under the ambit of formal schooling. The mid-day meal programme will be extended to pre-school children. Vocational courses will also be started from class 6, in which children learn a variety of skills, coding and will also be a part of project-based learning. Students will also be given freedom to choose the subject of their interest in class 9.

Thus, the policy provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and flexible study plan for the growth of each and every individual.

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