Leadership Camp Live: 22nd July to 25th July 2022

GDSPS organized a leadership bootcamp ‘Yougami-Huddle’ for the students of classes IX to XII from 22 July to 24 July, 2022, with the objective to provide students a platform to build confidence and develop 21st century skills by learning the essence of leadership. Through several real-life interactive activities, they learnt the skills of patience, collaboration, teamwork and resilience. They also learnt to value their peers by respecting their ideas and politely agreeing or disagreeing.
They also discussed about different entrepreneurs of India who revolutionized India with their big ideas. This activity made them come up with our own ideas to contribute towards the society and also make a business out of it. Students enthusiastically participated in all the activities, working on their projects. The live presentation of the ideas showed the rise in their confidence level, transforming them from being shy to simply being the “know it all.” Students developed problem solving skills, critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurship skills, public speaking skills and team work. It provided a hands-on experiential learning to the students, which is learning for life and the skills required in real-life.

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