Interhouse Paper Presentation

An Inter House Microsoft PowerPoint Competition as a part of the science month celebration was conducted in the school on Monday, 18th July, 2022.The students of classes IX and XI participated with great enthusiasm.
The topic of the competition was “TECHNOLOGY IS MAKING PEOPLE DUMB OR SMART”

The event was judged by Mr. Himanshu Mehta ( an engineering professional, 21 years of experience in IT) and by Mr. Gurpreet Singh Bakshi ( director at BlackRock India Pvt Ltd) Each house was represented by a team of 2 members. The teams were allotted only 10 minutes for presentation. Each presentation consisted of a minimum of 10 slides.

The competition created a positive environment amongst the students wherein they were high on spirits and enthusiasm, which urged them to showcase their creativity to their optimum level.

The presentations were evaluated on the basis of content, relevance with the topic, confidence, and presentation skills. The judges were highly impressed with the presentation skills of the students and congratulated the winners. The winners were:
Rosy Khanna – XIA (Achal House)
Shivam Tiwari – IX A

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