Inter-house Science Competition

‘Every magic has a science behind it’.
Science experiments enable young, brimming minds to grasp the practical aspect of science in everyday life. It is believed that students retain for long, when given hands on experience.
Science, not only nurtures the pragmatic learning in a child, also enables them to think out of the box.
Thus, to give “Out of the Box Thinking Challenge” to the children, an Inter House Science Experiment Competition was held for the students of classes IV and V on 27th July’2022.
Our aspiring little scientists enthusiastically presented some of the most interesting and unique experiments. Even audience participation was taken care of. Children as spectators were called on the stage to explain the experiment shown by their respective houses.
The judge for the day, Primary Headmistress Ms Tarana Sehgal was deeply engrossed in the ideas of the students. She complimented the efforts put in by all the enthusiastic participants.
In the closely contested competition, Achal House claimed the First position, second position was taken by Agni House, and third position was bagged by Ambar House.

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