High-quality infrastructure facilitates better instructions and improves learner outcomes.

Our educational institute is designed to maximize the accessibility and effectiveness of education being delivered. The school building is extensively modernized to provide excellent facilities for both academic and co-curricular activities. Attention is paid to minute details of architecture and convenience to create an atmosphere of learning in congenial surroundings. The school structure is spacious enough, consisting of different blocks for Montessori, Primary and Activity classes. This provides a motivating academic as well as co-scholastic environment, and adequate facilities for value based growth of children into responsible adults.


The library is an integral part of the school’s learning program and trains its students with skills that help them achieve academic excellence. This exclusively and imaginatively designed air-conditioned library is fully computerized and all transactions of resources are conducted in an automated form with barcoding. The school follows the Open Access System, this system allows any student/staff to select and pick a book of their own choice.

The library has a wide range of meticulously selected collections of resources like subject books, fiction, nonfiction books, journal, magazines, and reference books. The collection includes over 16,000 print books and the number is on a rapid increase. The library includes excellent study materials which are compiled for the benefit of senior students preparing for competitive examinations.


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
– Benjamin Franklin

Students get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. They are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts. . At GDSPS we follow the principle of learning by doing hence students are encouraged to  interact directly with the data gathered. To ensure this, the school has well equipped and well stocked laboratories for the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • General Science
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

IT & Resource Center

A computer laboratory is important to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students.

The school believes in providing the best possible opportunities to its students as well as faculty to ensure consistent eminence. The IT infrastructure includes two computer laboratories – Junior and Senior, each equipped with advanced technologies.

​​Computer learning at GDSPS starts right from Class I, where the tiny tots get the exposure to the technology through the play-way method.

The Computer Lab allows students as well as faculty to research extensively by accessing information on the global network.


The classroom environment is a second teacher for any student. A large amount of a child’s time in school is spent in a classroom. Here they learn various skills necessary for them to achieve success.

With the classroom being such an important place, the school has bright and well-ventilated classrooms. The furniture and décor of each classroom has been designed to facilitate improved teaching and learning. The classrooms are also equipped with modern technological teaching aids like projectors and smart boards. Use of cutting edge technology helps to make the classes more interactive and the lessons more interesting.

Performing Arts: Dance And Music Rooms

“The world is a complicated place, and there’s a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.” – David Rubenstein

It has been proven that people involved in performing arts are able to engage the mind, emotions, and body in ways that allow them to properly flow through real-life situations with empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence, and confidence, as well as to communicate with their varying counterparts. It is necessary to get children involved in performing arts at an early stage to equip them with all the necessary skills to navigate through life.

  • Students learn to play varied string and percussion instruments. They are also trained in Indian Classical Vocal and Western music.
  • The students are trained in various dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Folk and Freestyle.


As part of the school environment, a canteen is in a unique position to make a positive contribution to students’ health and welfare. The school encourages healthy eating habits by offering an array of nutritional choices. The canteen provides delicious refreshments and sumptuous meals. The school prohibits the selling of junk food and aerated soft drinks on the campus.

Medical Center

The health and wellbeing of the young learners is of utmost importance. With an infirmary within the school premises, we are able to provide quick first aid in time.

We have a well-equipped medical dispensary managed by a full-time professional nurse. It is a well-ventilated, well-kept room with beds and basic medical facilities. Informative charts and posters on the walls describe the importance of a healthy body to the students.

The clinic can handle situations by providing immediate relief in the form of first-aid. The facilities provided are:

  • Emergency and First-aid medications.
  • B.P and Sugar monitoring
  • Annual health check-up of students in Term-I and a follow up in Term-II.
  • Team of medical specialists for eye, dental, and general check-ups from the Health Care Agency.
  • Computerized reports of the check-up are given to the parents.
  • Records of students with special medical needs are maintained in the medical room.
  • Regular health awareness sessions are organized for students, staff, and parents.

Visual Arts : Art And Craft Room

At GDSPS, we believe that every form of expression is an art, and every art form is an inward journey.

From free expression, to developing deep interest and skill in specific art forms, our Art Curriculum provides a wonderful environment to the students to unleash their hidden creativity. Art fosters higher levels of thinking that carry over to learning other academic subjects as well as to life outside of school. In our Art room, children learn to observe, interpret, see different perspectives, analyze, and synthesize. Their work is preserved and displayed.


The amphitheatre at the GDSPS is a marvel worth witnessing. The large and spacious amphitheatre is the nerve centre of the school. The ambience around it draws students to it. Built thoughtfully in the very core of the school, it is the place where all assemblies and special ceremonies, such as prize distributions, citation for the graduating batch of Class XII, investiture ceremony, and other such events are held. Amphitheatre is planned to inspire a learning experience for academic and cultural activities.

Conference Room

The school has an aesthetically appealing Conference Room reverberating with ideas during knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions. Managing Committee meetings as well as meetings with  parents and guests are organised in this room.


Valuing a range of intellectual capacities of students, GDSPS also offers a wide spectrum of co-scholastic activities throughout the academic session. Our intensively and thoughtfully designed programme teaches children to respect good health, physical strength and a sense of balance in day-to-day life.

The playground has been divided into blocks for various sports activities. The infrastructural facilities include :

  • Athletic Throwing Area
  • Cricket Pitch  (with floodlights)
  • Volleyball Ground
  • Football Ground (with floodlights)
  • Skating Rink
  • Indoor Carrom and chess facility
  • Table Tennis room
  • Swings specifically designed for Gross Motor Development in Junior School children

Safety & Security

To ensure high quality primary medical care for the students and teachers, we have a full time, qualified nurse on the campus. There is one fully equipped medical room and by virtue of our location, we have several big hospitals within a kilometre of the school campus.

We regularly conduct trainings, workshops and seminars to educate our students and staff in disaster management drills for health, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters. All staff members and senior students are trained in basic minimum first aid. School regularly conducts various mock drills, safety workshops and sessions to prepare the staff and students to deal with an emergency.

An annual health check-up is conducted for students. Our foremost priority is the safety and security of everyone on campus as well as the community.

 The school has 78 CCTV cameras, well-installed fire-fighting systems as well as hand sanitising devices installed throughout the school building and the school grounds. The School has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding bullying and substance abuse of any kind. Regular workshops and training sessions are held for teachers and students regarding Cyber Safety and norms of safe use of technology.

Rain Water Harvesting

‘Don’t forget to save the rain, let’s prevent tomorrow’s pain.’ – Anonymous

The school has always been at the forefront of contributing towards saving the environment. With an aim to replenish the depleting ground water level, the school has set up a water harvesting plant in the school premises.

Water Conservation – protecting our precious natural resource

Rainwater harvesting systems are a great way of educating children about the benefits of the conservation of our natural resources. They save money by not wasting water and help to encourage an environmentally responsible attitude in the next generation. With low energy pumps and controls, there are no negatives to using a rainwater system in a school. It also ensures that rainwater is effectively used. It has resulted in huge savings in water bills and significantly contributing to the reduction of rainwater run-off.

Activity Room

I read, I forget, I discuss, I remember, I do, I inculcate.

Activity room is to engage the kids by providing them an environment that induces joy, happiness and creativity, introducing children to fundamental learning through the medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature.

The interior of this room is designed keeping the little ones in mind. Their inquisitive and eager eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive. Here we have games, arts/crafts and story sacks. We feel it’s very important for children to experience small group work as well as individual and large group work, so this quiet extension gives the children every opportunity. It also serves as a Resource Room for teachers as it is equipped with books, manuals and journals on Early Childhood Care and Education. It also has a large collection of story books for children which includes colourful story books like Panchtantra, Fairy Tales, Pop Up Books and Picture Books.

Solar Panels

The school has always been at the forefront of taking initiatives for conservation of the environment. It is indeed a unique milestone in the history of the school to earn the distinction of becoming the first ever school in Central Delhi to have a fully sufficient Solar Plant. Our 70 kwp Roof Top Solar Power Project, is designed to generate 84,000 units of electricity per year. With this initiative, we have reduced our carbon footprints, thereby contributing our might to conserve Mother Earth. Our 36,000 litres rainwater harvesting plant will save thousands of gallons of water to recharge the underground water level!


Code for Transport Users:

  1. The school provides transport to the students on ‘No profit, No loss’ basis.
  2. The school will be fully authorized to change route/stops depending on traffic conditions.
  3. Stops indicated may vary plus – minus 300 Meters and no representation will be accepted.
  4. Bus will not run if the strength of students utilizing a bus falls below 75% of the seating capacity. In such a case, the bus will be withdrawn with one month notice to parents and extra amount, if any, refunded.
  5. Routes may be merged under some circumstances or to make it more economical for the parents. This may increase/decrease commuting time for students. The school solicits cooperation from the parents for the same.
  6. The School bus facility is on annual basis. Hence, no withdrawal, except on taking TC, will be possible in the middle of the session.
  7. However, an application for change of school bus should be submitted on the prescribed form available at the reception/ website.
  8. Separate charge will be levied per month along with transport fee for ‘Lady Attendants’ and the same may be revised from time to time as per minimum wages laid down by the Government.
  9. Students must reach the designated bus stop at the scheduled time to avoid delay in reaching the School.
  10. Any student found indulging in acts of violence or indiscipline in the bus shall be liable to a disciplinary action against him/her. In such a case, the bus facility may be withdrawn.

Note: – It is the sole responsibility of Parents to drop and pick up their wards in case the school is not able to provide transport facility.

Bus routes are subject to change once the school reopens for students in offline mode.

BUS ROUTES NURSERY & KG (Dispersal :12.30pm)

S.No Route No 1 Route No 2 Route No 3 Route No 4 Route No 5
Driver Mr. Gopal Mr. Balram Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mr. Ashok New Hired Bus
Contact No. 9873513409 9250164911 8860393451 9891258700 9999758990
Conductor Lady Guard Ms. Saroj Ms. Santosh MS. Meena Lady Guard
Helper Mr. Alok   Mr. Babloo   Mr. Sunil
1. School to Ajmal Khan Park School to Ramesh Nagar Metro Station School to Talkatora Circle School to J Block West Patel Nagar School to New Rajinder Nagar
2. Brahmkumari Ahsram Mansarover garden Kali Bari Marg Arora Paneer NPL Colony
3. New Rohtak Road (Tibia College) Saraswati Garden North Avenue (Fruit Mandi Transformer) R-Block New Rajinder Nagar
4. Liberty Cinema Moti Nagar Metro Station Gole Market West Patel Nagar (Gurudwara 29 Block) PUSA Qtrs
5. Ramjas Road Kirti Nagar Gole Dak Khana West Patel Nagar (Shyam Sundar Mandir Chowk) Inderpuri Outer Road
6. Khalsa College Patel Road to School Rama Krishan Mission Marg to School 22+24 Block West Patel Nagar Krishi Kunj Gate No. 2
7. Prasad Nagar to School     Subhash Jewellers PVR Naraina to School
8.       Patel Hospital  
9.       Chawla Park, East Patel Nagar to School  

BUS ROUTES CLASSES I-XII (Dispersal: 2.15pm)

S.No Route No 1 Route No 2 Route No 3 Route No 4
Driver Mr. Gopal Mr. Balram Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mr. Ashok Kumar
Contact No. 9873513409 9250164911 8860393451 9891258700
Conductor Ms. Rukmani Mr. Satbir Ms. Sheela Ms. Santosh
Teacher Incharge Mr. Neeraj Dixit Ms. Nisha Sharma Mr. Anil Pandey Ms. Neha Checondra
1. School to Saraswati Garden School to Liberty Cinema School to Brahmkumari Ashram New Rohtak Road School to Satyam Cinema
2. Ramesh Nagar (Water Tank) Khalsa College Tibia College Pandav Nagar
3. Ramesh Nagar Kikar Wala Chowk Ramjas Road Shadipur Depot
4. (Gurudwara + Mata Mandir) Dev Nagar Desh Bandhu Gupta Road Patel Road
5. Kirti Nagar Gol Chakkar Bapa Nagar Reghar Pura New Rajinder Nagar, R Block to School
6. Kirti Nagar Red Light Sabzi Mandi Hathiwala Chowk 22+24 Block West Patel Nagar
7. Main Road Natraj Tank Road Goma Ram Chowk  
8. Karampura Prasad Nagar Police Station to School Sat Nagar to School  
9. Milan Cinema to School      
S.No Route No 5 Route No 6 Route No 7 Route No 8 Route No 9 Route No 10 Route No 11
Driver Private Bus Private Bus Private Bus Private Bus Private Bus Private Bus Private Bus
Contact No. 9999758990 9013614892 9910574726 9268630650/ 9910780693 9268192860 9582131441 8447536528
Conductor Mr. Sunil MS. Saroj Mr. Alok Mr. Vineet Mr. Babloo MS. Meena Mr. Rananjay Pathak
Teacher Incharge Ms. Ragini Mr. Nand Kishore Ms. Raman Sahni Lady Guard Ms. Yamini Sharma Mr. Prem Negi Lady Guard
1. School to West Patel Nagar (Gurudwara Lane Mor) School to NPL Colony Bus Stand` School to West Patel Nagar J Block Near Mother Dairy
School to Talkatora Circle School to Sarai Rohilla (Police Station) School to 22+24 Block School to Multani Dhanda
2. West Patel Nagar (Gurudwara 29 Block) Todapur West Patel Nagar J Block Kali Bari Pratap Nagar (Police Station) Baljeet Dawa Khana Motia Khan
3. West Patel Nagar (Shyam Sundar Mandir Chowk) Todapur (Bharat Gas Agency) (Arora Paneer) North Avenue Nangia Park(Shakti Nagar) Gopal Shoes Sadar Thana
4. West Patel Nagar (32 Block) (Todapur Kuan) Fruit Mandi Transformer Gol Dakkhana Ghanta Ghar Wadhwa College Idgah Road
5. West Patel Nagar Inderpuri Patel Park to School Bangla Sahib Road Roshanara Road Subhash Jewellers Jhandewalan Mata Mandir
6. Anand Nursing Home Pusa Gate Inderpuri   Gol Market Azad Market Patel Hospital Rani Jhansi Road to School
7. West Patel Nagar (26 Block Faridpuri Cut) Krishi Kunj(Gate No 2)   R.K. Ashram Marg Filmistan Cinema Dance Floor 15 Block East Patel Nagar  
8. Kalinga to School Loha Mandi   Chitragupta Road Filmistan Cinema Chawla Park  
9.   PVR Naraina   Pahar Ganj Thana to School Faiz Road Masjid Gopala Tower to School  
10.   Naraina Vihar to School     Faiz Road Gurudwara    
11.         Faiz Road (Jaggi Hotel to School)