Founder’s Day Celebrations

Just as it is vital for the children to know about their culture, it is crucial for students to be well acquainted with those whose vision and ideology is responsible for the deeply rooted Salwan schools. Therefore to commemorate the Birth anniversary of our Founder, Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan, and celebrate 81 years of the establishment of Salwan Education Trust (est. 1941), GDSPS organised a series of events to celebrate the Founder’s day. The events that marked the week-long celebrations were Documentary Presentation , Preparing book marks related to founder’s life , Doodle Making on Salwan Schools ,Invincible soul and Salwan Education Trust The celebrations concluded on 5th December 2022 where Shabad Kirtan by Bhai Chamandeep Singh was organised at School Grounds. The ceremony was attended by the members of the Chairman SET,Managing Committee members of Salwan Schools, Parent Teacher Association , Principals , Teachers and students .The ceremony aimed at invoking the blessings of the lord almighty . Bhai Chamandeep Singh ji sang melodiously and mesmerised the audience with his kirtan . It purified the surroundings with its rhythmic resonating echo of ‘Wah Guru’. The philosophy and timeless preaching of Guru Nanak Dev was shared by him in the form of a speech. The atmosphere of the school exuded religious fervour and divinity. Chanting of the hymns created a tranquil and placid ambience. The event concluded with the Ardas performed for the progress of the institution and bright future of the students. Guru’s langar was served giving out a message of Sewa and unity.
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