Earth Day

If we can’t clean the surroundings, then we must not dirty it! Nature is the miracle we all depend upon.

The students of Gyan Devi Salwan Public School enthusiastically participated in various activities to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth. On the occasion of the Earth Day, an array of creative activities was organized with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful.

The day commenced with a special assembly wherein the school choir presented a mellifluous song. This was followed by a thought-provoking skit by students of Class V and a soulful dance dedicated to our blue planet. On this occasion, students took a pledge to preserve and conserve their self-sustaining planet.

The following activities were planned to create maximum awareness and impact:

Classes 1 and 2: Green Walk :

Students were dressed up as objects of nature and they described the importance of the same.

Class 3 : Enactment on Endangered Species :

Students came dressed up different endangered species and spoke few lines about them.

Class 4 : Strive to be toxic free – Making of sanitizers using organic material.

Class 5 : Speaking Activity – Environmental issues like global warming, melting of glaciers, energy Conservation, Alternatives to Plastic etc. were addressed by the students.

The different activities rekindled emotive concerns and instigated the little learners to save, love and respect Mother Nature with all their heart and soul. 

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