SET CPD (Pre Primary)

‘We do not learn from experiences; we learn from reflecting on our experiences’.  The three days long Capacity Building Program was indeed very enriching and empowered all the participants with a plethora of strategies, activities and innovative teaching techniques. The aim of the workshop to empower each and every participant set by the resource person was truly met. The high-spirited attitude, the magnificent energy, vast concept knowledge and pleasing personality of the resource person Ms. Chandeep Marwah made the training a great success.

The first day started by seeking blessings of the Almighty. Ms. Anuradha Mathur (HM SJPS Naraina) welcomed all the facilitators and the resource person in the inaugural address. The session was further taken over by the resource person, Ms. Chandeep Marwah (Educator- communicator with specialization in group communication). Ms. Marwah emphasized on 21st century skills to be the highlight of ECCE and also stressed on the importance of ‘care’ in Early childhood care and education

The session progressed by talking about socio-emotional connect laying emphasis on Adaptability and Adoptability. Introspection being a good way to reflect and bring in the desired change by ‘Knowing Self’. This was followed by ‘Knowing the learner’ to lay importance of identifying and catering to individual differences, incorporating play way approach and the most important being the Developmental Milestones. The philosophy of ECM i.e., Every child matters, collaborating with the elements of mind, body, health, peace and spirit was the highlight of the day. 

In the next session-‘Connecting the dots’,  the resource person discussed at length about the changes NEP 2020 has brought about in the education system and how far it is going to benefit the learners. Further, ‘Various child centered approaches to learning’ were discussed along with the recapitulation activities that were the main highlight of the session. 

The day started with a recapitulation activity reflecting upon their key learnings from day 1. Ms. Chandeep explained about the importance of group activities and collaboration, where no child is left behind. Further emphasizes was laid on the four factors that encourage positive learning. 

    • How teachers regard their students? (Socio- emotional)
    • How teachers set up the classroom environment? (Physical dimension),
    • How well the teachers address individual and group behaviour? (Managerial dimension) 
  • How skilfully the teachers teach and assess individual and group work (Instructional dimension)


The main highlights of day 3 were the PEC (physical education cards) by showing its implementation by a video, planning of an ideal lesson plan by incorporating the new strategies and skills learnt during the three days training, inclusion and assessment. 

The participants were moved out in the ground and played a few games with them like balancing the ball, domes and dishes etc. to have hands on learning. The role of PEC, creating structured and well-planned physical education classes was a great learning and gave everyone an insight towards its importance. 

Ms. Marwah also explained the importance of development continuums, diagnostic assessment and recording evidences for assessment. Major emphasis was laid on the importance of learning objectives and learning outcomes. 

Lastly, the session was wrapped up by the vote of thanks by Ms. Sona Gombar HM, SMS Gurugram. She applauded for the amazing arrangements made by the host school and their hospitality. She also congratulated the resource person for conducting such a captivating and enriching workshop.

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