The more you use creativity , the more you have it !

Education is not achieved in an ivory tower existence. An amalgamation of Literary, Sports, Life Skills, Cultural Activities promotes positive self-concept and a sense of achievement among the students. Apart from just learning from books, the school has designed various co-scholastic activities for each class, depending on the age and interest of the students. These provide opportunities for children to experiment and grow into unique personalities. To inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among the students and to acknowledge their talents, students of primary classes are encouraged to participate in various inter and intra-class activities and other competitions where each one of them gets a fair chance to participate and excel in their field of interest.


To dance is to be out of yourself.” —  Agnes de Mille, an American dancer and choreographer

Dance is a language of words and ideas, expressed through the magic of gestures and vivid expressions. Participation in dance enhances coordination, flexibility, and motor skills. It teaches children to communicate feelings and appreciate cultural values and beliefs. GD Salwan offers students ample opportunities to learn and hone their skills through regular programs and performance ensembles.

The school focuses on western and classical dance styles, such as ballet, kathak, Bharatnatyam and jazz to help the learners understand both dance forms. The focus is on the skills like posture, performance and presentation to prepare them without any limitations. The learners are given exposure and opportunities to explore and experiment in the performing arts.


Music is the universal language of mankind.”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet and educator 

Music is deeply rooted in human nature. It plays a constructive role in the emotional and psychological development of students. The school is committed to nurture and support budding musicians and focuses on the wholesome development of the students as perfect music composers and performers.

Fine Arts

Every child is an artist”.   – Pablo Picasso

Art and craft skills not only enhance the ingenuity of the children but also provide a wonderful platform for expressing themselves. G.D Salwan endeavours to bring out the latent ideas of the students and give them a platform to develop and showcase their creativity. The objective of teaching Art is to develop the core skills of creativity, expression and aesthetic appeal. Periodic competitions are held in the school in order to furnish the students with an opportunity to showcase their talents, let out their imagination and to realise the numerous possibilities for flourishing. Posters and paintings of our young painters have also been exhibited in the school gallery. Students are also trained in sculpture making, art work using paper mache, clay modelling, murals, mosaic paintings and portrait making. Learning techniques extend beyond how to draw, mix paint or mould a pot. They are also taught to observe, envision, innovate and reflect.


The five S’s of sports: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”– Ken Doherty, Snooker Champion

Physical fitness, achieved through team sports and fitness classes are a part of the total educational experience at GD Salwan. Sports and fitness, integrated into the school curriculum, is aimed at providing balance to the body and mind of the students. The school takes pride in giving professional training in different sports like cricket, volleyball, chess, athletics, judo, gymnastic, basketball, yoga and table tennis. We have a well-planned infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor games, to help students hone their skills and excel in sports.


“Chess is like a sea in which a gnat may bathe and a big elephant may drown.”  – Indian Proverb 

Chess is the expression of struggle in life, both in the past and in the future. Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Chess is a kind of life, life is a kind of chess.” 

Academic Benefits:

The game Chess has been introduced with the aim to enhance students’ academic performance. Chess helps in teaching them skills like visualization, thinking ahead, and planning.

The beauty of Chess as a teaching tool is that it stimulates children’s minds and helps them become critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and independent decision-makers.


Nothing is pleasanter than exploring in a library.” ― Walter Savage Landor, English writer, poet, and activist

Libraries are cornerstones of our communities as hubs for knowledge, research, history, and much more. The school library is well stocked and fully air-conditioned, with more than 14,000 books, 36 magazines, 8 daily newspapers, an Audio Visual facility, Internet Facility and Kindle for children and staff members. Teachers use the library to supplement their teaching lessons with facts and references from around the world. The books on diverse topics are colour coded keeping in mind age-appropriate reading levels. There is an enriched reference section that helps the students to work on multi-dimensional projects. Library Virtual Book Fair is organized for the students and teachers as per need.

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