Book Review Presentations

Book review presentations (2021-22) were initiated under the CPD program which aims to enhance the creativity and development of professional ethics. In this the teachers read a book of their choice from a selected lot of books. The program was started with a vision to motivate the teachers towards reading and learning about different dimensions of life which would also benefit the students. They participated with full enthusiasm and dedication. It also helped in expansion of their thinking grounds which enabled them to think out of the box and present their ideas as reflected in the staff meetings. The details of the reviewed books are given below:

Book Review – Atomic Habit Author – James Clear Principal Ma’am
Book Review – The Prophet Author – Khalil Gibran Harmeet Kaur
Book Review – Suheldev Author – Amish Tripathi Pratima Chawla
Book Review – The power of subconscious mind      Author – Joseph Murphy Ms. Rekha Sharma
Book Review – Good vibes Good life                     Author – Vex King Ms. Subhita
Presentation – Music is a good teaching tool in education. Ms. Nisha Sharma
Book Review – Unlocking Leadership                                                   Author – Ms. Seema Malik Ms. Deepika
Book Review – Anand Math            Author – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Mr. Prabhat
Book Review – Do Bailo Ki Katha     Author – Munshi Premchand Mr. Vinod
Book Review – Who Moved My Cheese .                                                            Author – Spencer Johnson Ms. Rekha Goel
Book Review – Relationship and Emotion                                        Author – Sadhguru Ms. Kuljeet Kaur
Presentation – Rediscovering India’s Past : Fact and Fiction Ms. Vibha Lamba , Ms. Meenu Taneja , Ms. Pratima Chawla
Presentation – Student Survey on the impact of Online classes. Ms. Kalyanee
Presentation – Budget 2022 Ms. Kalyanee , Ms. Aarti Mittal , Ms. Rekha Navani
Presentation – Cryptocurrency Ms. Yojana Bablani
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