Art Competition-Pre Primary Wing

Pre-Primary wing of Gyan Devi Salwan Public School organized an Art competition  in the school ground on Monday, 13.02.2023. The topic of Land Transport was impressively drawn by the students of class KG which enhanced their conceptual understanding of the theme. The aesthetic and meticulous display of beautiful pictures and colours exemplified the students’ talent exquisitely. Each one came out with his own special creation.The shining stars were- Nyra, Tavishi, Sanchi and Tvisha.The teachers and principal were delighted at the marvel that showcased the fabulous creation of students. The toil and labour of the children brought home sincere appreciation and words of praise from parents and teachers.


‘Drawing Competition’ was organised for the tiny tots of Class Nursery. Children actively participated in the competition exhibiting their artistic skills. This enhanced self- expression as well as developed fine motor skills, grip control and eye- hand coordination. The children made wonderful drawings on the theme ‘Up In The Sky”.
The enthusiasm among the participants was worth watching.

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