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Parents Corner

    “Parents play a key role in building not only an empowered home environment but contribute to a powerful school environment too.”

    The School involves the parents in the following ways:


Mother's Day was celebrated by Primary wing on 11th May 2018.



Community Lunch 2014
Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School aims to provide education which is complete in the broadest sense-not only gaining knowledge but also developing basic human qualities.
Every year the School organizes Community lunch with a passionate desire to spread the message of unity, love & peace through different events. This year, in collaboration with British Council for International School Award (ISA), Delicacies- a food festival was organized for the parents on Saturday, 20.08.2014 in the school premises. The aim of the project was to enable the students to explore food available in India and in other countries throughout the world.
The program commenced by welcoming the parents and then lighting of lamp as to bring upon an auspicious start to the event. Our Honourable Director, Maj. Gen. Navneet Khanna, addressed the gathering and encouraged parents to work hand in hand as partners in the educational development of the children.
Not only do parents act as judges for school competitions, they become active part of various competitions organized exclusively for them. Different activities like cricket match, table tennis, poster making competition, salad making competition and musical chairs were enjoyed by everyone present. The tug-of-war between the parents was a visual treat. The passion & participation showcased the bond of partnership between the parents and the school.
School Principal, Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Singh lauded the efforts of the staff. She added that such activities nurture the feeling of sharing and caring in the hearts of our parents and of our little ones.
The event aimed to strengthen the biggest strength of our country-the bonding force of our togetherness through competitions, fun games & Community Lunch. It was time to be together–form a bond so strong which cannot be broken. It was a unique unforgettable experience for all.


Parents’ Day 2014
Parents play an important role in the development of a child. With the intention of presenting the children a chance to express their love and appreciation for the parents, Parents’ Day was organized on 30.08.2014.
The parents were thoroughly entertained by the melodious songs, rhythmic dance performances and interesting play performances.  Before the dance performances, Talent Fiesta was conducted with many parents exhibiting their inspiring talent on the stage. 
The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by the Headmistress. Immense appreciation by the parents reaffirmed the confidence of the teachers that the students had performed really well and that their hard word had been successful.



Health Camp 2014
A Free Medical Health Check-Up Camp in collaboration with BLK Super Specialty Hospital for Grandparents and School Staff was organized on Monday, 20.10.2014. The objective of this initiative was to create health awareness among the community and improve health status of teaching and non-teaching staff.
The 6 team members of the hospital including a Physician, an Orthopaedic doctor, ECG Technicians and nurses arrived at the school at 9:30 am. School Principal Smt. Vijay Lakshmi Singh welcomed the team and discussed various health issues with them. Free physical examination along with blood sugar, blood pressure, bone density and ECG Tests were provided by the Hospital.
The camp received an immense response from the grandparents and staff members. Approximately 100 faculty members and grandparents were present for the Health Check-up. Not only did they have access to check-ups by doctors but were also able to interact with them on a one to one basis without having to wait in long queues. Health education on prevention and treatment and follow up advice were given by Doctors.


Grandparents’ Day 2015
"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do.
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."
- Alex Haley

Grandparents are a vital part of our School’s traditions and the educational experience of our students. To recognize and honour this role, Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School hosted the annual Grandparents’ Day on Wednesday, 11.03.2015.
Each year for the past 11 years, the School has marked an unofficial Grandparents’ Day, an occasion when the students honour their grandmas and grandpas, nanas and nanis. The aim is to bring about a positive change in the outlook of the present generation.
The programme started with a beautiful prayer presented by the teachers, followed by a welcome song by Dharvi and Ananya Sahu from KG-A. This was followed by beautiful story enactment by students of KG-B and Nursery-C. Tiny tots were all excited to perform before their grandparents. There were a number of fun activities organized for the grandparents including the evergreen ‘musical chairs’ in which the jubilant grandparents participated whole-heartedly.
The grandparents were so overwhelmed that they thanked the school for the wonderful programme. They felt that their grandchildren were in the right hands. Ms. Kiran Sahni, grandmother of Shaurya Sahni from KG-A, moved the vote of thanks.
As one of the School’s most treasured traditions, Grandparents’ Day is an important piece of our ongoing relationship with these special people in our students’ lives.

“Thank you to all grandparents, who attended Grandparents Day on 11th March, 2015!
And thank you to all of our grandparents for their legacy of love, wisdom, and sacrifice!”


Orientation Day 2015
Orientation Program was organized for the Parents of all classes at Gyan Devi Salwan Public School to make their child's transition from one class to another as smooth and easy as possible. The presentation by the Class Teachers covered various important instructions and guidelines for the parents to follow, bringing about a deeper understanding into the working of the school. The Class Teacher’s presentation was followed by subject-wise presentations given by the Subject Teachers, in which they provided the parents with an insight on school curriculum, the syllabus for the entire session, teaching methodologies and general instructions as per their subject.
Parents were extremely happy to attend the program and reiterated that they look forward to such informative sessions in the future too. It is worthy to mention that the orientation is an annual event that helps parents understand the School’s goals and programs set for children. The objective behind is to ensure a smooth ongoing process of learning with maximum parental involvement.


Mom’s Day 2015
You are the embodiment of love,
You are like a boon from above.
Like you there’s no other,
You’re the only one, you’re my MOTHER.

Mother's Day is the time of the year when we take time to show appreciation and express love for mothers.  There could not be a more universal celebration than this one. Keeping this emotion in mind, we at Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School had a special celebration on Saturday, 09.05.2015. The students welcomed their moms with bouquets and Super Mom bands prepared by them in their Art classes. The proud mothers eagerly participated in the activities and did their best to show how much they love their children.
All moms and students had a splendid time making and decorating photo frames together. It was a pleasure watching the super excited moms with their dynamic and energetic children preparing something unique, something special. The outcome of their efforts was marvellous. Each photo frame was special and different in its own way.
There were a number of fun races organized for the moms and kids in which the jubilant duos participated whole-heartedly. The moms were so overwhelmed that they thanked the school for the wonderful programme. Ms. Priti Mehta, mother of Suhana Mehta, KG B, proposed the vote of thanks.
Smt. Mukul Jha, Principal, Gyan Devi Salwan Public School, shed light on the role of mother and said that Mother’s Day is regularly celebrated across the globe as a mark of respect to mothers and their contribution to humanity. She emphasized on a mother’s role in shaping the growth, personality and upbringing of a child, which is also pivotal in strengthening the family bond. 


Workshop for Parents
The workshops at Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School are aimed at helping parents feel more resourced and confident about how they relate with themselves and their children. The school conducts various workshops exclusively for the parents to help them understand school plans. Parenting can be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful, but it can also be harder than we ever imagined. This workshop on ‘Shaping your child’s future’ organised on Saturday, 22.08.2015, focused on how parents can work together to help children achieve their maximum potential. It aimed at:

  •   • Making parents aware of positive experiences and qualities that influence the behaviour of children
  •   • Providing tips to parents in order to promote health and well-being of children

The workshop was about understanding that one of the most effective ways to raise a happy and healthy child is to offer them positive emotional connection. Parents were able to learn how to become better equipped at handling life's difficult moments and develop new skills to become a positive role model.  
Dr. Mukul Arora (Clinical Psychologist) concluded with a great thought:
Do not worry that you have to look at your child all the time, worry that your child is looking at you all the time.
In the second session, Dr. Latika Bhalla (Consultant Adolescent Pediatrics) apprised parents about personal hygiene and the growing summer diseases. This workshop featured practical steps to effectively tackle every parent’s main concern i.e., getting their kids to develop healthy habits! In a World of Pizza and Pop-tarts, raising Healthy Kids can sometimes feel overwhelming, complicated and stressful. The workshop gave parents tools to take new healthy information, tips, techniques, and inspiration to take back into their home and share with their children, getting everyone motivated to stay healthy.
Overall, the workshop was amazingly helpful and useful for the young parents. The suggestions and knowledge provided to the parents will definitely help in creating a happy and bright future for their child.


Parents’ Interface 2015
It is a well-known fact that children learn best when the efforts made by the school and the support extended by the parents have a harmonious blend. Progressive and transparent school system strengthens the trust reposed by parents. Some parents who are placed at resourceful positions and are equipped to deliver support to the school, extend their assistance whenever required. Towards this objective, we have again organised the Interface Programme with Parents wherein desirous parents volunteered to come and teach the budding scholars and creative talents of the school as per their choice.
On Tuesday, 17.11.2015, Dr. Shilpi Vij, mother of Kshiraj Vij, Nursery B organized the activity of Thumb Painting for all the sections of Class Nursery to teach them the concept of secondary colour-Purple. It was a pleasure to see her interact with our students. We also hope that it was a memorable experience for her as well. Looking forward to your continued support and cooperation, dear parents!



Career Counselling Lectures by Parents
Parents of the corporate world working in various domains conduct career counselling sessions for the senior children. This helps the school close knowledge gaps that students have over various career choices available. Parents are able to guide in a straight forth manner acquainting students with the real life demands and challenges of the corporate world.


Important Occasions and Special Assemblies
Our assemblies are an important feature of our school's life. Through special assemblies the students are provided a platform to discover their potential and experience life. Keeping in mind the varied interests of the children, each child is assigned a role which he/she executes to perfection.
The school doesn’t miss to make parents a part of school celebrations. They are regularly invited to School for these special assemblies and other celebrations. These events are organised to allow the school, parents and community to join together in celebration of the efforts and achievements produced by our staff and children.  



Quiz Competitions
The School encourages a spirit of partnership with Parents and all Parents see themselves as important stakeholders of school. Parents are invited as Guests and Judges to School Functions and Competitions. The parents appreciated the efforts made by the students and teachers and encouraging remarks and comments were given by them.



Show-n-Tell: A Home School Partnership Project
Show-n-Tell Activity is essentially a Home-School Partnership Project wherein parents and children think together of something new to share with the class every month. Parents prepare the children with anything special to them according to the theme of the month- a piece of poem, a new song, a new toy, etc.

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