From the desk of Hon'ble Chairman, Salwan Education Trust

A Child ought not to be moulded in the image of yourself or others. The child has his own identity and entity. While raising children, parents often struggle for giving the child an identity they envisage. They crave to see everything in their child; a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a scientist, a chartered accountant, etc. chairman but do not see the child’s aptitude, his/her interest in life, the passion for environment, the dream to be an artist, the dream to sing, and much more. All we need to do is to balance it well.

While respecting the child's passion, we need to give him/her a vision. This is only possible, as long as we are not myopic; as long as we know how life will take its turn. Parents are not astrologers. They are facilitators. They can provide opportunities. They can create self-discipline and inculcate confidence in the child. They can give strong values. They can imbibe patriotism and love for the country and countrymen in them. All children are unique and there are no shortcuts in the path of raising a well-disciplined human being.

Education has always been one of the most profound aspects on the timeline of human civilization. Education is unquestionably the strongest tool for liberating the next generation from the clutches of jealousy, hatred and corruption. At the end of the day, everything boils down to what you are for your child. A good role model or a bad example! No one can answer this better than the parents themselves. Our conscious is our care taker.

Love is where there is devotion. Love is unconditional. Love your child unconditionally, with the affection like that of a mother and strength of a father. Your child will answer your prayers.


Sushil Dutt Salwan