The Rising Sun Symbolizes the emergence of the light of knowledge dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The motto highlights the values of Indian culture-To face the challenges boldly, to change the environment around with the aura of self determination & zealous spirit of "Service Before Self, Joy lies in sharing & giving rather than receiving, thus rendering service to fellow citizens, where self has no meaning -Only Humanity .

Salwan Education Trust (est. in 1941) has been committed to Educational Excellence for over four decades and runs ten prestigious schools in and around New Delhi. The Trust was established by Late Shri Giridhari Lal Salwan at Peshawar (now in Pakistan). The chairman of the Trust is Shri Shiv Dutt Salwan.his school is a springboard for each of its member to evolve and grow.

Our vision is based on innovative learning methodology, continuous improvement, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering commitment to academic quality.The Salwan schools are committed to the intellectual growth of humanity and occupies a place of eminence in the country by bringing about awareness in the mind of child -learning through HAND ON EXPERIENCE. Making the child learn and acquire the positive trails of life, learning how to learn, anywhere, anytime and enriching the skills is what we have focused on.

g.d. Salwan Public School is affiliated with CBSE education Board.


  1. 1. Redefine good governance and provide the child with the best opportunity to excel.
  2. 2. Enriching the mind through dynamic meditation.
  3. 3. Programming everyone towards a new future everyday.
  4. 4. Nurturing creative dreams.
  5. 5. Activating idea generator.
  6. 6. Encouraging quest and spirit of group inventiveness.
  7. 7. Explore the mind to achieve the ultimate through all round development of the mind & the body.
  8. Empower the faculty and students for enhanced performance capability through continuous learning and living principle centered leadership.


To Create an Image of the FutureĀ ... And a Bridge to get there.Building on the community goals a new belief system on the need to invest in the continuous development of all ....... the student, the teacher, the parent and all the school personnel.

It matters to us that the community owns the Standards and that to focus our energy for reaching higher standards we need to re-invent ourselves for creating an environment to impart world class education which will foster academic excellence, physical fitness, Psychological and Spiritual health and social consciousness .

Our institution has attained International Benchmark in the field of academics, sports, extra curricular activities etc.