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TOI (18-4-12) TOI-(21-5-12) TOI-(31-5-12) TOI-SE(18-7-12) TOI-SE(1-8-12) TOI-SE(23-8-12) TOI(05-9-12)
TOI(10-9-12) TOI-SE(11-9-12) TOI-SE(26-9-12) TOI-SE(10-10-12) TOI-SE(17-10-12) TOI-SE(18-10-12) Heritage Mela
Classical Dance GSP Award Concrete meas. GDSPS Achiver's Day Sports Talent Heritage
Hindustan Times
HT( 29-3-12) HT-SE(4-9-12) HT-SE(12-12-12)  



The Hindu
(22-8-12) (8-12-12)          
Indian express
(20-8-12) (3-12-12)          
Navbharat Times
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