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Not so very long ago, we cheered the commencement of this millennium with great enthusiasm and a promise of change for the greatest good of mankind. As we hurtle through the second decade of this century, we must take cognizance of the various shifts that are taking place in all spheres of work, specially in education.? ?

We must harness technology to deliver quality education. It will assist in collaborative learning and meaningful engagement with the students. Knowledge thus gained will be systematically synthesized and skills development will become the focal point of education for the 21st century.

There are several shifts that are taking place in learning today. These include shift in confidence building exercise for students, in leadership roles and our valued relationships. What is happening in classrooms and how classrooms can change is constantly being discussed by educationists all over the world. The answer lies in how well we adapt with the changing times as well as demands of the industry
Positive relationships help children nurture reliable associations. Students grow best when they are trained to set goals for themselves, persevere to reach them and reflect on envisioning more challenging goals, armed with courage, integrity and abundance of positivity.

Strong family ties and respect for the elders in the family concretise the foundation of a child’s life. We Indians cherish our values, culture and traditions deeply and these core virtues are the secrets of our success in life. 

I believe that at the heart of every child- centric approach to teaching and learning lies the happiness quotient. It has an immeasurable impact on our attitude and entire personality. Indeed the ripples caused by a happy environment, boost the overall development of a child as a beautiful human being. 
I wish the students of Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School success in all their endeavors. I hope that they will find the tranquillity of the mind, and mold themselves into young persons of great character. ?


Mrs. Mukul Jha 

Salwan Education Trust

The school building has spacious classrooms, Activity Room and rooms for creative activities such as art, painting, music, dance, etc. The school also has vast open space for assembly and sports activities.

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Mid Day Meal

The School has a tuck shop which does not serve junk food. Rather, a healthy and nutritious menu approved by the school authorities awaits students during the food break time.

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