Special Assembly


“Satguru Nanak Pargateya, Miti Dhund Jag Chaanan Hoya”

The Prakash Utsav

A special assembly was presented by the students of Nursery B. The celebration began with a ‘Prabhat Pheri’ or morning procession with students dressed in traditional Punjabi attires. The procession was led by five children who were dressed as ‘Panj Pyare.’

The program taught the students that by practicing Naam-simran, Sadhsang & Seva we can seek the blessings of Supreme God. Recitation of ‘Mool Mantra’ was followed by shabads.They also narrated stories related to Guru Nanak DevJi’s life and paid tribute to Guru Ji by spreading his divine message of harmony,humility and equality through poems,speeches and orations. A tabla performance by little master Guransh was highly commendable and the highlight of the day. The innocence of little angels reflected a divine glow. With their hands folded, eyes closed and heads bowed, the little ones recited soul stirring shabads.

The Assembly ended with distribution of Kadah Prasad to the entire sangat. A Langar was served to the students to complete their experience of sharing and caring. The parents whole - heartedly volunteered for Langar Sewa. The spiritual ambience created by the devotional songs and chants was appreciated by parents who congratulated the students and teachers for their efforts in organizing the special assembly.