CAMPAIGN- SAY NO TO CRACKERS                       

Say No to Crackers

Give Our Children A Green Future.
Say ‘No’ to Crackers and ‘Yes to life’!

Crackers are a source of highly toxic chemical air pollutants. Besides air pollution there are other ethical reasons for not using crackers. Thousands of children are employed in the manufacture of crackers. This violates the rights of the children – they should be in school, not exposing themselves to severe health hazards while making crackers.

Additionally, air pollution and smog are extremely common at night and on the morning after Diwali, and may be harmful if inhaled.
Fire Crackers Affect our Health
Sudden exposure to loud noise could cause temporary deafness.
Noise pollution may lead to:
Hearing loss
High blood pressure
Sleeping disturbances
SAY NO TO CRACKERS Campaign was organized to make the students aware of the hazardous effects of crackers and to urge them to celebrate Diwali in a greener way. Students took a pledge to celebrate Diwali without crackers. In order to give the message of a safe and environment friendly Diwali, the students of Class Nursery and KG participated in a ‘green diwali’ merely in the school wherein they carried placards and posters with slogans like ‘Don’t pollute the true colours of Diwali ---- Avoid crackers’, ‘Crackers spread pollution; not love and harmony, Avoid them’, ‘Say No to Crackers, YES to Life’.