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Art and Craft

    The arts curriculum is structured to provide a broad-based and balanced
    Programme for each level first to fifth class, sixth to eight class, ninth to tenth class. Each level has five strands, which are organized to ensure a balance between making art and looking at and responding to art.
    The strands are
    • Drawing
    • Paint and color
    • Clay
    • Craft
    • Best out of waste

    Activities in each strand are interrelated and they involve the children in perceiving and exploring the visual world. These activities help to develop sensitivity to the elements of the visual world as it involves awareness of line, shape, form, color and tone, pattern and rhythm, texture and spatial organization. The development of perceptual awareness helps children to see and to understand the world around them and to express their ideas, feelings and experiences in visual form. A threefold structure is suggested for choosing thematic content or subject matter, based on children’s
    • Experience
    • Imagination
    • Observation and curiosity.

    This structure provides opportunities for children to give visual expression to inner concerns which may be difficult to put into words, to give expression to the wonderful world of the imagination, and to pursue their curiosity in the physical attributes of the world.

    The emphases in this curriculum are:

    • Free expression method: This method can be used in drawing, clay and pottery. It gives every child complete freedom to express his own idea, express it with his own ability, and organize it into an art scheme.

    • Specified topic method: in this method even a common topic is assigned to the whole class, it provides every child enough liberty to express and organize it in his own individual way.

    • Group work: students are asked to make small groups and would prepare collage, banners, posters on the topic assigned.

    • Observation method: children are taken to areas out of the class. They are then asked to observe the things and enjoy natural beauty.

    • Experiential method: children are asked to research the work of various artist and will produce their own artifacts using the ideas and observation. They will experience beforehand what they will produce.

Art Club


Button Painting


Outdoor Sketching


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Specific Topic Method

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