Convention on “Addiction in School Children – New Age Challenge”


NAME OF THE WORKSHOP:             Convention on “Addiction in School Children – New Age Challenge”

DAY AND DATE:                                 SATURDAY, 26th SEPTEMBER, 2018

VENUE:                                                 INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE

RESOURCE PERSONS:                        Dr. V.S. Ravindran

               ( Director General of Institute of Counsellor Training  Research and Consultancy)

ATTENDED BY:                                   MS. TARANA SEHGAL,  MS. AARTI MITTAL


Following are the objectives of the convention:

·         To equip schools to deal with the complex problem of addiction in children.

·         Proactive role of schools in fighting the evil of addiction.

·         Consequences of addiction among the students.


·         Addiction not only includes physical substances one consumes but may include behavioral addictions like cell phones, games, internet, relationships etc.

·         An addicted person suffers not only from the direct effects of his addiction but also from a lot of indirect consequences like poor academic performance, relationship problems, financial difficulties

·         Signs and symptoms of addiction should be traced at the early intervention stages among the children by teachers or counsellor in the school.

·         Children should be discouraged to consume alcohol and other physical substances for social status. The parents and teachers should discuss with them the consequences of consuming these substances on their physical and mental health.

·         Parent should become role model for children.