Workshop on Dastangoi by INTACH

DATE: 15th November
Aim:  To promote the value and importance of ancient art forms among students.
Reliving the oldest art of storytelling in Urdu language.
Neelansh and Rachit of class VIII from our school participated in the DASTANGOI workshop organized by the INTACH.
Ms. Fauzia presided the workshop as a special guest. She is India’s first female Dastango;
Students had a chance to interact with pupils from other schools and the mentors who introduced the art and its history. The mentors explained that a Dastango i.e. a storyteller uses his or her voice as a main tool to express their stories and expressions. The Urdu art of storytelling was a great source of entertainment for people during the 13th century; people used to gather around Jama Masjid where a Dastango shared their dastan. That dastan used to carry for months and even years and the person narrating it. Students also created dastans on Taj Mahal, Jhansi Ki Rani, their groups
Learning outcome: The workshop was quite knowledgeable and explained each aspect of the story telling.
Students learnt the art of using pitch, voice modulation, using intonations etc. while telling a story.




Traffic Training Workshop


Road traffic injuries are a leading cause of death globally and the number one cause of death among young people aged between 15 and 29 years.  Awareness of traffic rules can save the life of both drivers and pedestrians.
Gyan Devi Salwan Public School in collaboration with Delhi Traffic Police, Road Safety Department organized a workshop on Tuesday, 7th November, 2017 in the school premises to make students aware about the traffic rules. A short documentary on road safety rules was shown to the students where it was clearly depicted that those people who do not observe the road safety rules suffer due to accidents and get injured.
Interesting Tambola and Dumb Charades based on roadside signals and road safety were playes with the audience. The students thoroughly enjoyed the games and definitely imbibed all the road safety tips well. The program ended with distribution of prizes.
The workshop was truly successful in instilling a feeling of responsibility and inspiring the students to be a law – abiding student.






Diwali Celebrations

The whole school wore a festive look with lanterns adorning the corridors in bright colours. The celebration began with a prayer on live orchestra and a song on Diwali. This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The students of primary classes also showcased the spirit of Diwali through a mesmerizing jugalbandi of dandiya and garba dance. The entire story of Lord Rama, beautifully recited by the students of classes IV & V in Sanskrit language, brought out the essence of the festival. It was followed by the Awadh Harshaya dance performance by the senior school students. The celebrations concluded with the wishes and blessings of Principal Ms. Mukul Jha giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and bright Diwali. It was an occasion of love and laughter which ended with a message to enlighten the hearts with the light of diyas and not by bursting crackers.