MAY 2014

Inter Class Rangoli making competition 6-8
(May 2014)


The students of classes VI -VIII participated enthusiastically in Rangoli making inter-house competition. The students were entrusted upon with the task of creating rangoli out of the waste or recycled products. With such a competition students are introduced of the value of our cultures.  At the same time skills of creativity and art innovation can be developed amidst the students in art crafts.
All the entries were very creative.
Results were as under:








SET Capacity Building Programme on CCE

Day & Date: Day 1: Monday, 26th May, 2014
Day 2: Tuesday, 27th May, 2014

Resource Persons: Day 1 :  Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal, Principal, SPS, Rajinder Nagar
Mrs. Meena Mehlawat, Vice Principal, SPS, Gurgaon
Mrs. Gulroop Kaur, HOD Computer Science, SPS Gurgaon

Day 2 :  Ms. Raman Singh, Examination Incharge, SPS Gurgaon
Prof. Subhash Chander, Asst. Prof. Lady Irwin College
Mrs. Rashmi Mehta, Principal, SPS, Gurgaon
Mrs. Gulroop Kaur, HOD Computer Science, SPS Gurgaon
Ms. Savinder Rooprai, Head, Primary School, SPS Gurgaon

G.D. Salwan Public School hosted the Capacity Building Programme on CCE for the teachers of Salwan Schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust. The resource persons were extended a warm welcome by Principal, Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh. The Session I of the two day workshop commenced with an overview of CCE through an activity by the resource person Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal. She began with the challenges of CCE which turned into an interactive session as teachers reflected upon their understanding of CCE. The teachers were informed about the CCE Manual and the CCE Report. Emphasizing on the need for a new beginning in our educational system, the resource person apprised the participants about why CCE is the need of the hour, and the need for the educators to be well prepared and well equipped to teach the students through new evaluation and assessment system. 

Session II by Mrs. Meena Mehlawat and Mrs. Gulroop Kaur included individual and group activities which helped the participants analyse the various tools and techniques which can be used for Formative Assessment. Subject specific examples and activities were carried out to equip the teachers to make the learning process innovative and resourceful and encourage students to be self-motivated learners. The resource person emphasized on the tools of formative assessment which include collaboration, discussion, reflection and improvement, thereby enhancing the social skills of each child and involving students with different learning capacities, working upon improvement areas.

Day 2, Session III on Summative Assessment by Ms. Raman Singh commenced with an activity to understand the differences between formative and summative assessments. She emphasized that SA has to be reliable, valid, free of bias and more objective. Participants were divided into subject specific groups and through various handouts and activities, she explained the idea of effective questioning. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, she explained how questions can be classified on the basis of knowledge, content, application, synthesis or evaluation.

Session IV on Co-scholastic areas by Prof. Satish Kalra and Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal focused on life skills, work experience and visual and performing arts. Various modules of ETMA Kit were discussed and through the use of Module VI of ETMA Kit, the resource persons enlightened the participants about simple and manageable means of assessment of co-scholastic domain. 

Session V on Gender Studies by Mrs. Rashmi Mehta focused on gender disparity in textbooks researched through a survey. Activities to highlight gender bias in various spheres of life were conducted with emphasis on usage of gender sensitive language. Various terminologies to remove gender bias were discussed.

The participants were enlightened about the correct way of recording and documentation to have a fair, reliable and valid assessment and evaluation in Session VI, conducted by Ms. Savinder Rooprai and Ms. Gulroop Kaur.  The presentation also focused on the ways to record and document evidences of assessment at the Primary and Montessori level.

Session VII by Ms. Rashmi Mehta acquainted the teachers with the latest CBSE initiatives such as ASL, PSA to create research and analytical skills, OTBA to bridge the gap between theory and practice, Mentoring and Monitoring to tap the true spirit of CCE, Empowering through Capacity Building to strengthen leadership skills, Accreditation to set quality standards, CBSEi, Value Education, Heritage Education and various other CBSE initiatives.







RWA Meet

Date: 29th May’14

Venue: G D Salwan Public School

Theme: RWA Meet

Attended by: Members of RWA, teachers and students.

An interactive session was organised at G. D. Salwan Public School with the RWA members of Rajinder Nagar - Mr. R. L. Dua (President), Mr. A. S. Oberoi, Mr. Darshan Singh, Mrs. Vinod Taneja and Mrs. Manju Bansal - regarding the survey conducted under the Green Neighbourhood Project.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss about the waste management, parking of unauthorised vehicles and segregation of waste (tetra pack and pet bottles) in the area.

Learning Outcomes:

The school and the RWA members decided that both will work together for a cleaner and greener environment.






Trip to Chail

The Adventure Camp was organized by the group Anubhav at Chail, which was yet another thrilling experience for a group of forty students from classes VI- X who went along with four teachers. The group started from New Delhi at 9:30 p.m. on 18th May, 2014 by bus to reach the Camp Potters’ Hills on 22nd  May’ 14 at 8 o’ clock in the morning.

Chail was essentially a sleepy little mountain village set in a beautiful locale till the 19th century.
Chail is spread over an area of 72 acres on three adjacent hills-the Rajgarh Hills where the Palace is built, the Pandava Hill where the old Residency ‘Snow View’ is located and where the British Residents lived, and the Siddh Tibba, where the temple of Baba Siddhnath is located at a height of 2226ft.

Located on a spur, on a clear day, Chail offers a magnificent and splendid view of the valley. It is an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience to look down and see the River Sutlej winding its way between the mountains, overlooking at the same time both Kasauli and Shimla (45 km) further via Kufri. It is an even more splendid view at night, with the distant light of the surroundings creating its own magic pattern on the horizon.

The group reached Chail at 8:00 a.m. and was further divided into different groups of ten children each to ensure team spirit among children.

Trekking increased their stamina. Children played different games, crossed Burma Bridge, did river crossing on Bamboo Bridge and Rope Bridge.

Night trekking and ghost stories were aimed at removing their fear and building confidence level. Bonfire at night rejuvenated them and helped them to get rid of the tiredness after the day’s activities.

On the last day students participated in Gorilla war. They painted their faces and fought like tribals.

The children brought home the life skills like Self awareness, self motivation, trust among the team members and patience. Indeed it was a creative, and an adventurous camp.










Easter Celebrations

Under the ISA project, a medley of activities were organised in the school  to celebrate the festival of Easter . The students of class II and III visited the Gospel Central Church at Janakpuri along with their teachers and parents to attend the special Sunday mass.
The students shared their views about the festival of Easter with the gathering, telling them about the importance of  the festival of Easter and  how the festival celebrates power of love, life and joy.
They also presented a medley of different hymns, songs and prayers along with their music teacher Mr David.
Few members of the church also spoke about their experiences of life and how they became followers of Christianity. Sister Vinita read some paras from the holy bible which tell us about how Jesus came back to life, was raised from the dead three days after his death .Children also enjoyed the Easter feast  along with the other kids who had come to attend the prayer.
Activities like easter egg decoration, egg hunt game and spoon race were also organized in the school. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and participated with full zeal and enthusiasm.
This project involved the students of the school to stage their creative best and gave an insight into the customs of a different religion and culture.









DATE: 19th & 20th May, 2014
VENUE: Multipurpose Hall, Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar
THEME: SET Workshop on Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills
ORGANISED BY: Salwan Education Trust
Day 1: Ms. Jaswinder Kaur, Ms. Pooja Datta, Ms. Sangeeta Sharma, Ms. Reji, Ms. Divya, Ms. Shweta Malhotra
Day 2: Ms. Pratima Chawla, Ms Gayatri, Ms Shweta Chawla, Ms Subita Mittal, Ms Ridhima Wadhwa

SET Workshop on Assessment in Speaking and Listening Skills was organized by Salwan Public School (Afternoon) on 19th and 20th May, 2014 for the English teachers from various Salwan Schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust. The resource persons for the workshops were the Master Trainers for ASL who had been trained by CBSE and Trinity College, London, Ms. Dolly Dhawan from G.D. Salwan Public School, Ms. Jyotsna Grover and Ms. Ritika Malik from Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar. CBSE has collaborated with Trinity College, London in the assessment process of speaking and listening skills that is aligned and at par with the international standards. ASL is now mandatory for all class IX and XI in all CBSE affiliated schools and teachers need to equip themselves with the procedure of the assessment.

The workshop commenced with a prayer to the Almighty. The workshop was inaugurated by Hon’ble Member of the Managing Committee Sh. Pramjit Khanna who applauded the initiatives of Salwan Education Trust to train the teachers and update them with the latest trends in education system. The resource persons were welcomed by Ms. Mukul Jha, Principal SPS (Afternoon). A brief introduction about the aim of the workshop was given by Ms. Jyotsna Grover which was followed by the seesion on the importance of ASL, the rationale and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) mapping with CBSE objectives by Ms. Ritika Malik. The need for speaking and listening as well as the various functions of language were highlighted. The various levels of CEFR – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C1 with A referring to as a Basic User, B an Independent User and C a Proficient User were explained. The drilling exercise of phonetics, stress and intonation was of immense help to the teachers to enhance their skills in ASL.

While conducting the session on Classroom Management, Ms. Dolly Dhawan briefed about various aspects related to grouping, authority, lesson stages, tools and techniques and working with people. She stressed on three P's - presentation, practice and production for managing a classroom. The session was very interactive with the discussion on two types of classroom – traditional and communicative. A group activity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of the classroom was conducted. It was highlighted that today’s classroom has moved from teacher being a ‘sage on the stage’ to a teacher being a ‘guide by the side’. Various Classroom management techniques were discussed in detail with the participants contributing valuable inputs enthusiastically. Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal, Principal Salwan Public School and Ms. Anuradha Mathur debated on the issue of managing group activities in large classes.

The activity on Language Functions was very informative. It is very important to teach students to express themselves using proper language function with stress and intonation. An activity to match the dialogues with the suitable language functions was carried out with the help of a handout which made the session very interactive. The session on Listening and Speaking Skills focused on Classes I to VIII on Day 1 and Classes IX to XI on Day 2. The listening activities dealt with the three phases a listening lesson – Pre-listening, While Listening and Post Listening which was a speaking activity. Audio clipping of different types of songs and talks which were suitable for different classes were presented and the activities related to the listening tasks were conducted and discussed. The resource person laid stress on the fact that ‘good listeners are good responders’.
Pronunciation drill, Intonation Stress, Developing student’s communication skills through Pearson Module was discussed by Ms. Jyotsna Grover. The session started with the importance of pronunciation followed by the phonetics sounds. An activity of last year’s recap of SET Workshop for letters and sounds was done. An activity was done in which symbols of phonemic chart was given and sounds of those letters were practised.  It was emphasized that a group of 15 words should be selected and drill of those words should be done in the class for 5 minutes daily. Sounds of all consonants were practised through Pearson module. Different words were repeated and drill of the sounds of various letters was done. One sentence can be delivered in a different manner, which can change its meaning. This was followed by an activity in which one sentence was given and participants were asked to speak it in a specific tone.

The following ways of developing students’ communication skills were told:
1. Listen to a conversation
2. Give opening words
3. Do role play

The performance descriptors were discussed in detail by Ms. Ritika Malik. After the session on speaking test formats, a 'Role Play' activity was done to show how to conduct the speaking test with the students. Two participants from the audience became the students and one became the examiner. During the course of the activity the audience was supposed to identify the mistakes which the examiner did deliberately.

The workshop was very informative and interactive. The Participants discussed the learning outcomes of the sessions. They found the activities done in the workshop very useful. The listening and speaking tasks should be done with the students regularly to prepare them for the term-end assessment for speaking and listening. Pronunciation drills were very helpful which made the participants understand the sounds of letters of English better. The discussion during the activities for classroom management and language functions helped everyone participate and share their classroom experiences. The Vote of Thanks on Day 1 was moved by Hon’ble Director (HRD) SET, Maj. (Retd.) S.K. Kohli who highlighted the importance of listening to learn a language and be proficient in it. The vote of thanks on Day 2 of the Workshop was moved by Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Khetarpal who apprised the teachers about the initiatives of SET to collaborate with CBSE in providing training in various capacity building programmes and encouraged the teachers to be part of such programmes. She stressed on the importance of listening and speaking skills. We need to make them think in English. We need to choose our words carefully as words have a lot of energy. She also focused on the need to introduce these skills in the junior classes as well. She also shared her vision of imparting training in Phonetics to students and parents as well.

The SET Workshops are a great platform to learn and share one’s ideas. The workshops help the teachers get apprised with innovative methodologies and latest changes in the education system which further makes them equipped with better skills.









‘Updation of Teaching Methodology’ – Business Studies Workshop


Date: 13 May 2014                                                                                         Venue: D.P.S, R.K Puram
Attended by: Rekha Navani, P.G.T ( B.Studies)

A Business Studies Workshop was held at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram on Saturday, 13 May 2014 on ‘Updation of Teaching Methodology in Business Studies’. Over ninety seven teachers from various renowned schools of Delhi and the NCR attended it.
The chief guest for the occasion was the New Zealand High Commissioner designate, Mr. Grahame Morton.
Dr. P.C Jain, Principal - Sri Ram College of Commerce was the Guest of Honour.
The speakers for the day were :
Mrs Meena Goel, Principal - Nav Hind Girls Senior Secondary School. She has been also in the curriculum committee of the CBSE for the last 20 years.
Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE
Mrs. Bhuvana Ravi, Director, M/s Abhay Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.
The first speaker for the day, Ms.Meena Goel shared her views on the new pattern of the question paper introduced by CBSE.
Mr. Sandeep Sethi discussed the 20 marks project that was introduced last year in the Business Studies curriculum. It was an interactive session where teachers explained new ideas that students in their respective schools had come up with. According to Mr. Sethi, the main purpose behind introducing the project was to make students “come out of their shell”, and learn the concepts and have fun at the same time. He suggested that movies like “The Inside Job” which was based on business and economic concepts, could be shown to children so as to make them comprehend concepts better.
Mrs. Bhuvana Ravi explained what a stock exchange is, along with its origin and its various components like buying, selling, investing etc. She went on to talk about investments and how they differ from speculation and gambling. She also explained how equity trading, a high risk and high return investment option can be dealt with by the customers. Other topics touched by her were market behaviour, industrial analysis, etc. The teachers were able to get answers to their queries and the workshop was a fruitful one. 








Investiture Ceremony

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. With power comes great responsibility’. G.D. Salwan Public School, held the Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2014-2015 on 12th May 2014. Hon’ble Chairperson, GDSPS, Ms. Janak Juneja and the school’s Director Maj. Gen. (Retd,) Navneet Khanna, VSM graced the occasion as the distinguished guests. Proud parents of the members of the student council were also present to bless their wards. The event began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the esteemed guests.  This was followed by melodious songs by the school choir. A fusion dance by the students enthralled the audience. The outgoing Head Boy Harsh Singh and Head Girl Shruti Aggarwal, welcomed the guests and addressed the gathering on the importance of the Investiture Ceremony and being a part of the Student Council.

With the vigorous beats of the drum, the new council marched in procession up to the stage.  They stood upright with their heads held high and their hearts in humility as each picked up their precious flags.

The outgoing cabinet members handed over the coveted house flags and transferred their responsibilities to the newly appointed members. The Principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh inspired the students and encouraged them to excel in their future endeavours. It was a defining moment for newly elected Head Boy Tushar Bhardwaj and Head Girl Sakshi Lahori. The Principal administered the oath of office to the newly elected members of the council, who pledged to adhere to the values and principles upheld by the school. Apart from their duty towards school, these reps also pledged their service to the nation’s larger environment. The office bearers of the student council received their badges from the esteemed dignitaries. Hon’ble Chairperson Ms. Janak Juneja congratulated the badge holders and encouraged them to shoulder their duties with loyalty, truth and honour. They promised to discharge their duties honestly, sincerely and to the best of their ability. They vowed to take the school to newer heights and resplendence. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem.









Date: 10th May 2014                                                                                                        Venue: Hotel Siddhartha
Attended by: Ms. Dolly Dhawan, PGT English
A workshop on Cyber Safe Schools was organized for educators by Edu Excellence. It commenced with discussion on various forms of social media by the 1st speaker Mr. Kapil. The participants discussed the media habits of students and how students view social media. It was a very interactive session where various concerns like misuse of social media, difficulties in freedom to express, cyberbullying and its effects, Cyber laws and student-teacher relationship were discussed. Examples of Online Friendship and contact with strangers online, chat rooms were talked about. The results of such friendship had often been disastrous. The issue of Online Grooming was discussed upon, which comprises actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child but with wrong intentions. Real cases of online grooming were discussed.
The need to open up with the students was stressed upon to make them understand the consequences. Role of the teacher in this regard was highlighted which can help the students become aware of such issues. Teachers could make such issues a part of their classroom talks. They could quote examples and show empathy towards the victim and dislike towards the victimizer. The participants were introduced with the term ‘Digital Reputation’, which the students need to build up to secure their future. The solution was to show creativity through blog writing which will give a good digital reputation to the students. The students should be advised to do more meaningful activities online and display their achievements.
Session II by Mr. Himanshu focused on positive digital footprints. The students must create blogs which will provide them motivation when other people would like their creativity. Various web-links for various competitions were provided.  A presentation by each group focused on the methods of spreading awareness to students, teachers and parents regarding cyber issues. The workshop was very informative and enriching and made the participants aware of cyber terminology.










   Career Talk


Date : 2 May 2014                                                        Venue: GDSPS
Speaker : Ms. Madhuri Tewari                                  
Attended by: Class XI students

A career talk was given by Ms Madhuri Tewari ( school counselor) for classs XI students. The talk was based on conventional careers like engineering, management, journalism, fashion designing, law etc.
The speaker focused on new avenues like hospitality, animation, management, human resource, bio technology etc. The students and parents need to have a broader outlook to choose their career based upon their aptitude, interest and personality.
The students were shown a career chart unique for each individual. The students were also asked about their interest areas and were updated about various career planning and related websites.








International Commerce Olympiad

Students from class XI and  XII from G.D. Salwan Public School participated in Fifth International Commerce Olympiad organized by CTA on 2+9th November, 2013. The result for the same is as follows:
School Topper (XII)  :           Shubham Jain  with 96.10% (percentile)  received certificate of 
                                                 merit and certificate of excellence.
School Topper (XI)   :           Kunal Kapoor  with  80.70 % (percentile)  received certificate of 
                                                 merit and certificate of excellence.