JULY 2018

Road to Board Exam 2019

Date- 24 July, 2018

Venue- School library

The workshop was conducted by Studymate group from Hindustan Times, to enhance students’ knowledge and prepare them for board examination. Students of class 11th and 12th attended the workshop. Experts of 3 subjects, accountancy, economics and physics, were present who guided the students on the study schedule of their respective subjects. They also advised to make a proper schedule and complete the syllabus till the end of November or beginning of December so that there is sufficient time for revision. Time management is of utmost importance while attending board examination.

They told that if a student has 3C’S in life he/she can surely achieve excellent marks and pass with flying colours. The 3C’s were: Clarity, Concept and Confidence.

The speaker also discussed about various tools of time management. The first was the Pomodoro technique which says when one starts studying at home after an interval of 25 minutes give 5 minutes as a reward fortheir hard work . In those 5 minutes one can listen music, play games, use phones, eat chocolate, etc. In a day one should do it at least 3 times.              

The second was Mood Meter wherein four colours that were red, green, blue and yellow depicting different moods were discussed. They discussed how moods affect our study.                                                                    

The third tool was Einstein Window which means everyone have different time window. Some study at night that means they have night window and some study during the day time which means they have day window.

It was indeed an enriching workshop.



Science Month


Date- 24 July, 2018

Venue- School

Science Month was concluded with a Science Fest in which students participated in various Inter House Competitions.
Students of classes IX-XI depicted organ systems or phenomena in form of colourful rangolis. The results are as follows:
August (Science and Environment)- Rangoli Competition (Organ System) (IX-XI)

First         Ambar    Ankur Patra (XB), Vani Aggarwal (9A), Ayesha Siddique (11B)
Second    Agni & Achal    ACHAL- Mahasina(XI-A), Riya Hait (X-A), Monimala (IX-B) AGNI- Anantu (VIII-B),

                Yogita (VII-B), Prachi (VI-C)
Third    Avni & Amrit    AVNI- Jiya Jindal (9B), Mayank Dhawal (11A), Manisha Jana( XB)
            AMRIT- Divyanshi (9B), Bhavya Jain (11A), Nisha Sau (XA)

Students of classes VI-VIII participated in Face Painting to sensitize everyone to save endangered species. The results are as follows:
August (Science and Environment)- Face Painting Competition (Endangered Species) (VI-VIII)
Position    House    Participants

First    Achal & Ambar    ACHAL – Urvish VIII-B, Harseerat (7B), Mauma Raul (6C)
AMBAR- Bipasha (8B), Kavya Gupta (7B), Anmol (6B)
Second    Avni    Ashley (8B), Sweety (6C), Yashvi (7B)
Third    Agni & Amrit    AGNI- Anup Tiwari(XI-B), Tina (X-A)
AMRIT-  Sumit Adak (8A), Mahi Arora (6A), Arihant (7A)


Fire Evacuation Drill


A  Fire Evacuation Drill was conducted at GDSPS on 20th July, 2018 to make the students practice the procedures for a safe evacuation from the building in case of an emergency. It is a regular feature to maintain a safe environment for the students and staff. The drill started with the procedure of handling all types of fire extinguishing equipment and how to use them safely. Students were also shown the use and working of fire motor, hoses and nozzles.

A group of students, comprising of girls and boys, was also made to operate the firefighting equipment.

The students were also made to evacuate the building in a planned way, with the blowing of the siren and assembling in the ground, demonstrating an emergency situation. Students of classes Nursery and K.G. also participated in the drill, understanding the situation that was explained by their respective Class Teachers.

The drill helped in making the students understand the safety of oneself and of others through cooperation, patience and understanding.

The following Members of the Fire Safety Team were present:

1.      Ms. Dolly Dhawan

2.      Ms. Aarti Mittal

3.      Ms. Neha Kaushal

4.      Ms. Kalyani. V

5.      Ms. Shruti Goswami

6.      Ms. Aarti Sharma

7.      Ms. Gayatri Maheswari

8.      Mr. Prabhat Sharma

9.      Mr. Neeraj Dixit





Investiture Ceremony

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams.

 The Investiture Ceremony for the Batch of 2018 was held on the 25th of July, 2018. The excitement was contagious as all the soon-to-be Student Council members got ready to officially take over the responsibilities they had strived so tirelessly for. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Mr. Satish Malik, SHO, Rajendra Nagar. The event began with an exhilarating performance by the School Band followed by the booming resonance of pulsing and disciplinary march of the Council Members from all the Houses. Thereafter, the Council Members took the oath of the Student Council, vowing to strive for perfection in both their lives and in their institution. The Head Girl, Palak Sharma, and the Head Boy, Md Amaan, shared a few words regarding their vision of a better tomorrow in their confident speeches and promised to carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence.

The school promotes pursuit of excellence among students and attainment of skills for life. The awards given to students is an acknowledgement of the efforts by the students and also the support of the parents to their children and the school’s mission. The meritorious students of the school and subject toppers from Grades X to XII were honoured with trophies and certificates of merit for their performance in CBSE Board examination during the session 2017-2018. The excellent Chief Guest, Mr. Satish Malik congratulated the office bearers and stressed on the pivotal role played by discipline in the holistic development of the students.

The ceremony ended with the national anthem, with the Student Council of 2018 standing tall and the school flag soaring high.