Workshop on ‘Campaign Design using Creative Expressions’

A Workshop on ‘Campaign Design using Creative Expressions’ was organized by Dept. of Environment, Govt. of Delhi on 2nd Spetember, 2013. The workshop aimed to connect, share and inspire the youth. It was a fun-filled learning session by a renowned mentor Mr. Vimlendu Jha running an institution empowering youth as change makers, by up-cycling the waste. They want the young leaders to learn and re-learn from our traditions.
He gave ample ideas to make productive things out of waste like old sketch pens to make pen holder, used diet coke cans to make chandeliers, old bottles as planters, deflated tyres to make wallets, laptop bags etc.
It was a true learning session emphasizing to compile utility with art. Thus, the children should create such samples, involving their own creativity because the future belongs in the beauty of their dreams.
The workshop shall help to encourage the young children to create productive designs and come out with innovative ideas using waste or scrap. This will not only save our environment but also help them to have futuristic and modern outlook.




Teacher’s Day

Teachers' Day was celebrated with fervour G.D. Salwan Public School. The teachers were honoured by the Principal and the Management of the school for their commitment and dedication to the cause of education. The programme commenced with the Morning Prayer followed by an interactive session by Ms. Era Sehgal, an eminent resource person from Times of India. She enlightened the students about the value of Education in one’s life and gave tips on how to be self motivated. She also stressed upon time management and self- discipline. The school principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh, thanked the resource person and advised the students to imbibe moral and ethical values.
Students dedicated the assembly to their teachers by paying reverence and gratitude to them for their selfless effort in shaping their lives and enriching the education system in the process. and spoke highly of Guru-Shishya tradition and the sanctity of this relation. The school choir presented songs which enthralled the audience. The students made the stage come alive with a wonderful dance medley and Bhangra.
Hon’ble Chairman Maj. Gen. J.K. Kapoor, addressed the teachers and spoke highly about the contribution of Dr. S. Radha Krishnan, the former President of India, the great architect of the society and a modal teacher of the nation. He lauded the contributions made by the teachers of the school and appreciated the staff for their devotion to the cause of education.
The teachers had a wonderful time at Botanix Nature Resort, nestling in the foothills of Aravali Hills on the edge of Damdama Lake in Gurgaon on 7th September, 2013. The picnic for school staff was organized by the school management. The school principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh and the staff enjoyed the day in each others’ company. They celebrated each and every moment that was gifted to them during this wonderful picnic by singing songs, dancing, swimming, camel ride, etc. and a sumptuous lunch.





GYANODAYA- A Meet on Science Career Awareness

A meet on Science Career Awareness was attended by the school faculty members, Ms. Rekha Navani and Ms. Yojna Bablani at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Road on 12th September, 203.The meet was organized by Centre for Career Development, co-sponsored by Career Launcher and knowledge partner with Sharda University. The objective of the workshop was to apprise the educationists about various government institutions that have come up in the last 10-15 years (IIST, IISER, NISER, NIFTEM etc) and to highlight the science career paths in detail like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Space Research, Food Technology, Astronomy, Genetics, Ceramic Science etc. The programme commenced with a story presentation by Ms Simmi Srivastava (a professional story teller associated with Kathshala) which was followed by a presentation by Mr Jitin Chawla ( an eminent educationist and career counselor). The various science based careers like integrated M.Tech, Biotechnology etc were discussed through a presentation. The next session was taken up by Prof. S.K. Mishra (Director RTDC and Executive Head BIC Research and Development Centre , Sharda University). Prof Mishra explained the careers in Nanotechnology which is a field that has taken off from molecular biology and essentially creates small materials (or machines) at the scale of molecules by manipulating single atoms. This is an inter-disciplinary area and people join it after completing engineering , basic science courses or even the medical field. The presentation by Mr. Satya ( Chairperson from Career Launcher ) focused on creating a skilled workforce for employability enhancement. The next presentation was given by Dr. Subodh Mahanti , a well-known science communicator , presently working with Vigyan Sagar , an autonomous organisaton set up by Department of Science and Technology. Finally, the session was concluded by Mr Jitin Chawla with a talk on changes in curriculum of Delhi University from the current session.




Inter House Volleyball Match

 The school organized the Inter House Volleyball Tournament on 23rd September, 2013. The event was held among the four houses of the school namely AMBAR, ACHAL, AVNI and ANAL. The First match was played between Ambar and Avni house, followed by the second match between Achal and Anal house, out of which teams of Ambar and Achal made into finals. The day was a great one for the Ambar house team, grabbing the winning trophy. The other teams did their part as they tried to put in their best effort.




Career Development and Stress Management

The students of XI and XII (commerce) participated in a workshop on ‘Career Development and Stress Management’ conducted by ‘Edu- Encrafters’ on 27th September 2013. The resource person for the session, Maj. (Retd.) Vishesh, began with the introduction on stress management. He discussed about various psychometric tests which are conducted to check the capabilities of the students.
Mr. Harsh, another eminent speaker, apprised the students about the booming job sectors in India like retail, travel and tourism and hospitality.
The final session was taken up by Mr. Amitabh Mathur (Dept. of Zoology, University of Delhi) a team member from ‘Sahaja Yoga’, who told the students about the importance of meditation. Various exercises were conducted by the speaker along with the students for the integration of mind, body and soul.

The students found the workshop interesting and encouraging.






As part of monthly activities, following competitions were organized on 30th September 2013.
English and Hindi Calligraphy competition was organised for classes IX to XI. The best five entries from each class were selected and the best three out of those were declared the winners. The result of the competition is as follows:

                                                      FIRST POSITION          SECOND POSITION          THIRD POSTION               
HINDI CALLIGRAPHY                       EKTA SONI (IX A)            KARISHMA (X A)                  RUKMANI (XB)

Inter House Commercial Creations Competition was organized for classes IX and X. Two products in new designs were submitted for the competition from each house. The results are as follows:


Inter Class On the Spot Painting Competition was conducted on the topic of ‘Our Cultural Harmony’. Students participated enthusiastically and drew beautiful paintings depicting different festivals and monuments of India. The result of the competition is as follows:




Inter-Class - Designing The Front Page Of The Book ( Class I-III)
Students of classes I-III enthusiastically participated in the Inter-class Designing the Front Page of the Book Competition on 30th September 2013. The topic for the same was " Globalisation" . Students selected different aspects of Globalisation and tried to put them up creatively in their drawings using colours and their imagination. The best three entries from each grade were selected by the judges and following are the results:

Class            Position              Name of the Student
CLASS I:          I                        BHAKTI KOHLI (I-B)
                       II                        MANIT (I-A)
                      III                       SHIVIKA (I-A)

CLASS II:        I                         ZAINA NAZIM (2-B)
                      II                         KRITI (2-B)
                      III                       SAKSHAM (2-A)

CLASS III:      I                          DHANVI (3-B)
                      II                         SAANCH KAPOOR (3-B)
                     III                        ISHIKA GOEL (3-A)


Inter-House G.K Quiz was held on 30 September 2013. Two students from each house participated. The quiz had various rounds like current affairs, buzzer round, rapid fire round and audio-visual rounds. The teams competed well with each other well in each round. Avni House bagged the first prize by getting the highest scores, followed by Ambar Housewith the Second Position and Anal house scored the Third position.