Montessori Activities:

Teacher’s Day Cards – (4.9.2012) Teachers are the facilitators and play the role of second mother in school. To show the love and respect for teachers ‘Teachers Day Cards’ were made by the little ones on the occasion of Teachers Day.

Visit to India Gate – (17.9.2012) Excursion is an important part of a child’s development. Keeping this in mind children were taken to the majestic India Gate .It was built in the memories of those soldiers who laid down their lives during the First World War. Amar Javan Jyoti was shown to infuse bravery among children.

Show and Tell – (21.9.2012) To increase the vocabulary and confidence of the children Show and Tell on the topic ‘My Favourite Festival’ was organized .

Story Telling Competition- (26.9.2012) Children love to listen and narrate stories. Story Telling Competition was organized in Nursery classes. The tiny tots learnt stories and narrated them with full zeal in front of their class. Props were used by them to make their story lively.

Cycle Race- (28.9.2012) To improve the physical development of children, Cycle Race was organized wherein children brought their cycles and rode them to win the race.

Primary Activities:

Teacher’s Day Card Making: Teacher’s day cards were made by the KG students. Importance of a teacher was told to them. The beautiful cards depicted their love and respect for their teachers.

Sow A Seed: Germination of a gram seed was conducted in class KG. Children observed how a seed gives rise to a baby plant , which slowly grows bigger and bigger.

Show And Tell: Show ‘n’ tell activity on the topic plants/ flowers was conducted in KG on 18.10.12. The children learnt that flowers differ in their shape, number of petals, colour and size.

Cycle Race : Cycle race was conducted for the KG classes on 21.09.12. Children really enjoyed themselves and totally loved the experience of competing with each other on cycles.

Winners of the cycle race are as follows: 





Global School Partnership: As a part of Global School Partnership, an online nomination for GSP Honour was organized by the British Council all over India. It was an effort to recognize GSP partnerships that are exceptional examples of longest partnership, sustainability, innovative projects on global issues and effective use of technology etc.

1. GD Salwan Public School has stood first in the longest running partnership till date (since 2003), category.
2. School has secured second position in the best use of technology in developing and sustaining a partnership, category.

Ms. Bhavna Mahendru and Ms. Rashmi Khurana coordinated and represented the school for both the categories respectively.

Senior Activities :

International Conference on “ ICT Culture in Education” : An International Conference was conducted on ICT Culture in Education from 27th to 29th September ‘2012 at the Multipurpose Hall, India International Centre, New Delhi. The workshop explicitly elaborated on the various technological developments & their role in paving the way for radical transformation of the educational systems. The dignitaries, guests who preceded the event included the chairperson Parvin Sinclair, who spoke on “ICT Culture in school education”, K.K Vashishtha elaborated on “ICT Culture in early childhood education”.

There were impressive paper presentations including one on ICT Centre in open & distance learning by Manoj Soni, one on “ICT Integrated Education and Research” by Sudesh Mukhopadhyay. Such events illustrating the ICT & special needs & their role in higher and professional education was an eye-opener for audience. They were able to understand the use of such technological strands in education & the inexplicable importance of ICT as it is linked with all fields.

Workshop Organized By Greenpeace: A workshop on Environmental Awareness was organized by Greenpeace India for the students of classes VIIth and VIIIth on 3.10.2012. The purpose of the workshop was to educate the students on Global Warming and its consequences. Greenpeace-an NGO is focusing on major environment related issues. They believe it is very important to sensitize children in schools.

The workshop started with a humorous video on global warming which informed the students about the gases responsible for global warming. It also showed some ways such as using a bicycle, using alternate sources of energy etc so as to stop global warming.

The next video showed the receding Gangotri Glacier, the major reason for this being the use of coal to generate 70 % of electricity in India. Therefore stress was laid on stopping coal mining in India and lay stress on the use of renewable resources.

After this, the students were told to write a pledge to save mother Earth. They were asked to make a poster visualizing future Earth. A phone number was circulated among the students. The students were told to make their family members aware about the impending danger and then give a missed call on that number. In this manner, the Greenpeace volunteers are generating public awareness and then planning to bring this matter in limelight by submitting a plea to the Prime Minister. The workshop was very informative and eye opening.

LAISSEZ FAIRE 2012- PSYCHOLOGY BUSINESS FESTIVAL: On 30TH AUGUST 12, LAISSEZ FAIRE 2012- PSYCHOLOGY BUSINESS FESTIVAL was conducted by VASANT VALLEY SCHOOL, NEW DELHI. This is an annual event of the aforementioned school.The programme began with a warm welcome extended by the students of Vasant Valley school followed by a talk by Mr. Pavan Vaish, one of the founder member of Daksh , India. 

He began by sharing experiences in his life’s journey and suggested that students reflect before they decide their purpose in life. The talk covered key areas where young entrepreneurs need to focus in achieving business success keeping in view the current hyper growth environment. The presentation provided meaningful learning experience for our young minds.

After this the preliminary round of Psyconomics began, whereby the students presented their videos on select topics which were prepared in advance. They were then linked to current economic issues through a three minute speech. Our students easily cleared this round based on content and creativity of their presentation. In the final round select schools were given half an hour to analyse their presentation based on a fresh criterion and then asked to make another presentation. Their performance in the final round was excellent.

The other two events at this competition involved a group discussion and a quiz covering diverse subjects such as psychology, accountancy and commerce. Our students participated yet again in this round putting forth their best efforts.

Match Played Between G.D. Salwan Public School and Parents: A fine bating performance by Harsh Sharma ( 40 runs ) ( 2 form 4) and Keshav Kalia ( 20 runs) enables G.D. Salwan Public School beats G.D. Salwan Public School Parents by 58 runs in a Friendly Cricket Match Played.

Being Score

G.D. Salwan Public School 158 for 4 Harsh Sharma 40, Keshav Kalia 26, Presi 1 for 30

G.D. Salwan Public School Parents 110 all out in 16 overs Ajay Misra 20 runs, Nitin 31 runs, Dhruv Sarsunia 3 for 6, Vipul 2 for 12, Harsh 2 for 4

Report On ITIHAAS: “Knowledge of the past and curriculum of tomorrow" was the theme of the annual summit of ITIHAAS a NGO working in the field of heritage and education in collaboration with the Ministry of culture , Govt. of India.

The debate explored how the dynamic combination of a vibrant curriculum and a creative approach towards understanding our rich heritage will make our students the rightful inheritors of their past and better citizens. The seminar also focused on learning outside classroom i.e.. through heritage walks , thus bringing heritage into the realm of education.

The keynote address was given by Shri Pavan Verma , India’s ambassador to Bhutan and Ms Vibha Parthsarthi Ex Principal Sardar Patel school. She also laid stress on a pedagogy which should be interactive, experiential and multidisciplinary.

  This is precisely what we are following in our school through the heritage education program and adopting the monument. We hope to innovate and creatively enrich the school learning processes and further our endeavors.

A Trip Of A Lifetime !!: The GD Salwan Family had a day out at the Kingdom of Dreams on 5th September 2012.

Around seventy staff members along with the Principal , Mrs Vijay Laxmi Singh visited the place. It was an ultimate entertainment and leisure destination, sprawling across acres of land. Everyone was surprised by the grand entrance and beautiful ambiance created with lights and mirrors effect.

The entire place was designed and conceptualized to offer international and domestic tourists a breath-taking, magical Indian experience. It showcased the modern and traditional India and presented the Indian culture in an entertaining format to all visitors.

The place offered the best of India in the form of Cuisine, Crafts, Musicals, Dramas, Carnivals, Street Dances, Mythological Shows and much more. The teachers felt an all pervading sense of peace and were spellbound, keenly observing the magnificent structure that towered them. They were mesmerized by the huge, blue artificial sky roof and the spotlights. Every state pavilion had a distinct style and character which were delightful to observe.

The teachers also visited the Nautanki Mahal and watched the extravagant cinematic and theatrical musical show Jhumroo and defined it as a spectacular world of unparalleled imagination!

Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the lavish air conditioned boulevard of multifarious Indian cultures, culinary delights and shopping experiences. They were thrilled to visit the backwaters of Kerala, savour the taste of fenny in a quaint tavern in Goa, view the royal splendour of a Rajasthani Palace or enjoy the rustic charm of a Punjabi village.... All in one place.

The school Principal Mrs Vijay Laxmi Singh said, “Culture Gully captures the features of India showcasing its rich culture, architecture, crafts and traditions. It is a gourmet’s paradise with authentic Indian cuisine from various regions.”

Mrs Sangita Sharma , the Travel and Tourism Coordinator for the school said , “Spectacular! Probably is the closest word that can truly describe the grandeur and detailing that has gone into bringing out this beautiful kingdom! It was an overwhelming and amazing magical experience.”

Teachers’ Training Program by Centre for Environment Education(CEE):
Teacher Training Program was organized on 1st Sept’12 by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) under Paryavaran Mitra Program. It was attended by Ms. Rashmi Khurana. It was meant for orienting teachers towards activity based Environmental Education teaching and learning. The training was imparted through means of educational games, demonstrations, presentations, short movies on issues followed by discussions with clear links to the school curriculum.

The programme was designed as a model for teachers to impart similar teaching techniques in their classrooms. The teachers were oriented and assured support to build classroom activities into environmental action projects to be carried out by students for environmental improvement of their surroundings including school and community. Also, examples of daily life actions were given which shows how local actions can lead to a global change.

Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi, National Coordinator-GEE/UNDP Small Grants Program, CEE opened the session . Mr. Pramod Sharma , Programme coordinator, Paryavaran Mitra, CEE shared the Vision of Paryavaran Mitra Programme.

Ms. Sonia Shrivastava, CSR Head-South Asia, Intel gave the introduction to the project “Together We Can!!” and launch of the website . The cool calculator –the project is an INTEL supported initiative with Global Environment Facility (GEF), Small Grants Programme (SGP)/United Nation Development Program (UNDP) through the network of Centre for Environment Education (CEE). CEE is the implementing partner in this initiative.

The complete workshop was an eye-opener .It truly helped the teachers to not only deeply imbibe the true impact of Climate Change and importance of biodiversity conservation but also to sensitize the students and guide them for its cause at the basic level.

Bharti Bhawan Workshop: The Science Department workshop was organised by Bharti Bhawan Publication on 3rd September’12 . The workshop aimed at using of activity based learning in science for classes 6-12.

The resource person Mr. Bose gave a presentation involving various science based activities which could be improvised in classroom to grab the interest of the students and develop a spirit of enquiry in them. Concepts of Magnetic Levitation, internal reflection, static electricity, water pressure were clearly demonstrated. He assured that similar activities will also be available for junior classes as they are the right years for the scientific attitude to develop.

The workshop was very informative and catered to the needs of today’s hands-on approach of teaching methodology.