leadership and Team Work Camp

A leadership and team work camp was conducted on 4th Oct. 2013 in the school premises. The Resource Persons, Mr. Nischal and Ms. Ekta Mahanjan, from “3SEducareCo” conducted the event for the students.
They carried out a various activities like – Ice Breaking, Keep Passing, Knot Game, Traffic Jam and pin ball. The activities were based on the strategy of co- operation, co-ordination, problem solving and setting measurable and achievable goals.
They were also taught lifting techniques in case of natural calamities and making of a temporary stretcher.
They were shown two videos, one on apple seeds and second was of Super Hero Analogy, which were very motivating and inspirational. It helped the students build confidence and team spirit. The event was very enriching and a great learning experience for the students.




CBSE workshop on Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills for Teachers of English

Ms. Dolly Dhawan, PGT English, has been appointed as a Resource Person by CBSE to conduct two-day training workshops on Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills for classes IX and XI. She had been trained by Trinity College, London as a Master Trainer for ASL and was a part of the Pilot Project conducted by CBSE. She conducted a comprehensive workshop that facilitated English teachers from various schools to become Oral Examiners for ASL, each at Mt. Abu Public School, Rohini and Delhi Public School, Bathinda (Punjab) in September and October 2013 respectively. A group of approximately 50 teachers, each in Delhi and Punjab were trained as Oral Examiners for ASL-2013. Activities to encourage and generate interest in students to speak and listen were conducted. Participants were apprised of the Assessment Scales, Performance Descriptors to allot the correct grades. Practice in framing the right questions matching with the level of the class was given. Video recordings to critically analyze the conduction of the tests in Listening and Speaking were shown and discussed. Mock Tests for Speaking Assessment were conducted in groups. The major thrust behind the workshop was to achieve international benchmarking as the CBSE validity in Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills in English. 




G.D. Salwan Public School organized a Visit To Agra for the delegation of Global Education Leaders’ Programme (GELP), a group of educationists from around the world, to experience the beauty of the Taj Mahal on Sunday, the 20th of October, 2013. The guests were excited to visit the Taj, as for most of them it was their first trip to India. The visitors were informed about the historical importance and the beauty of the places as they passed through, in their journey to Agra. They relished the sumptuous continental lunch served at Hotel Jaypee Palace, Agra and simply loved the Indian dish Dahi Bhalla with dal moth. Among other sweet dishes, they also enjoyed different varieties of Petha, the specialty of Agra. The delegation then headed towards Taj Mahal in the eco-friendly battery-operated vans. The guides informed them about the Mughal dynasty and the historical importance of Taj Mahal, besides its architecture which enhances its beauty. It was a breathtaking moment to see larger than life – Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They were awestruck to see the purity of the white marble, the exquisite ornamentation, precious gemstones used and its picturesque location. With a feeling of contentment, the troupe returned to Delhi.
The school welcomed the GELP delegation as part of their school visit program to learn about the best teaching practices, educational aids, and equipment used by the school in the teaching and learning process on 23rd October, 2013. The delegation was given a warm welcome by the Principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh in a traditional manner. They had an interactive session with the students who highlighted the school’s projects such as rainwater harvesting, waste management, bio-composting, etc. through their informative presentations. The Heritage team presented a report on their efforts in reviving the heritage monument ‘Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal’. The visitors were greatly impressed with the school’s efforts and applauded the same. They expressed their desire to know how the students got an idea to choose such a noble project. The programme ended with a Kathak dance performance by the students which mesmerized the visitors.
The delegation also visited the Red Fort to witness the Sound and Light Show in the evening on 23rd October, 2013. The show re-created events in India's history connected with the fort. It brought alive the Mughal era in the minds of the audiences. One of the delegates, Ms. Stella from Brazil appreciated the show and said, “It was an unforgettable experience to know so much about the history of Delhi and the mighty Mughal empire.” The show helped the visitors gain an insight into India’s culture and tradition.







An interactive Career Counselling Session for class XII

Students of class XII participated in an interaction Session at Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF), an Affiliate center of University of London (LSE), in Lajpat Nagar on 21st October, 2013. The aim of the workshop was to make the students aware of various courses they could pursue for graduation. The students were divided into groups for various sessions. The first lecture was about University of London, London School of Economics and ISBF. ISBF is an affiliated center of LSE, where in the classes are conducted at the center and the final examination is conducted by LSE. The students raised their queries regarding different courses and colleges which the resource persons very patiently apprised them with. The students had a wider perspective of the courses through the session.



Workshop on Media

A three-day workshop on “Media’ was attended by teachers and students of GDSPS which was conducted by Mr. Vikas Pathak, special correspondent, Hindustan Times and organized by TERI at India Habitai Centre from 23rd October to 25th October, 2013. The resource person gave  an  insight to  the students  about  the  history  of  media  and  journalism  in India. He informed  students how  the  printing  press  has  changed  the  history  of  print  media. The second session was based on Environmental Journalism  and  Digital  Media,  conducted  by  Mr. Nitin Sethi  and  Ms Shivani  Bhattacharya from  IIMC. Environmental journalism is the collection  and  distribution  of  information  regarding  current  events  and  issues  that are associated with  the environment.  Its  growth  as  a profession  started  off with  the  environment  movement  in 1960. The mission of environmental journalism is to advance public understanding of the various environmental issues. The students were also told how the mass media plays an important role in making environmental journalism more popular.  
The first session on the second day focused on photo journalism. The first speaker briefed on the importance on photography and also shared his experiences. The second speaker, Mr Gaurav, editor –‘Mint’ newspaper, apprised the audience on Citizen Journalism through on the issues related to sustainability.  
Day 3 highlighted the making of videos on social media which was a very interesting and interactive session. The speaker, Mr Parikshit - a journalist  from CNN-IBN, showed various videos on different issues to make the participants aware about  how mobile phones can  be used in place of cameras and can be uses as a strong tool. The students were made aware  of the benefits of the video blogs and those can be shared with the masses.
The workshop provided the students with a crash course on mass communication that focuses on enhancement of their reading and writing skills, critical analysis and research. It also gave them an exposure of a career path in media to address sustainable development issues and other environmental related problems. The workshop was a great learning experience for the students.




Campaign on “Safe and Green Diwali”

G.D. Salwan Public School organized a campaign on “Safe and Green Diwali”, in Rajinder Nagar neighbourhood area, along with its Resident Welfare Association on 30th October, 2013. The students spread awareness through posters and placards with informative slogans on them, about harmful effects of bursting of crackers on health and environment. The campaign aimed to reduce the use of crackers and thus reduce pollution in Delhi. Students also took oath during assembly for not bursting crackers and have a green Diwali. The campaign was a move to sensitize the young generation towards rising global warming and the need to control the pollution level. The students’ efforts and feelings were appreciated by the residents of Old Rajinder Nagar, who blessed the young ones for their endeavour.





Workshop on Fresh Water Management

A workshop on Fresh Water Conservation was attended by students of class VII at Sanjay Lake, Mayur Vihar on 26th October 2013. It was conducted by Ms. Monica Sah from INZTACH. She made the students aware of the various ways leading to water loss knowingly or unknowingly. As it was conducted in the lap of nature, the students got hands-on-experience of how nature’s gift is being destroyed through various activities.
The students got the practical experience by field testing work. They also performed tests of impurities like nitrates, phosphates in samples of water taken from Sanjay Lake. They were able to get more information about the presence of various pollutants in water.
The workshop proved to be very inspiring and will definitely prove a milestone in all -round development of the students within the boundaries of discipline.






Inter Class PowerPoint Presentation Competition was conducted for classes  VI to VIII as part of  the monthly activities for the month of  October. The theme of the competition was Cultural Harmony. Class VI prepared their presentations on Festivals of India, Class VII prepared on Indian Dances and Languages and the theme for Class VIII was the Monuments of India. The best two entries from each class were selected. The result of the competition is as follows:

Position               Class
1st                       VI B   and  VIII B
2nd                       -----------
3rd                        VII A






As part of the monthly activities, Inter-House Display Board Competition for Classes VI – VIII was conducted in the month of October. The theme for display was Folk Art/ Tribal Art/ Environment.  Each house showed their creativity in exhibiting the material on the display boards. The result of the competition was as follows:

Position                         House
1st                                 Achal House
2nd                                Anal House
3rd                                 Avni House






INTER HOUSE FILM MAKING COMPETITION for classes X – XI was conducted in the month of October. The theme of the film was Cultural Harmony. Each house submitted a film covering the two festivals - Diwali and Id. The result of the competition was as follows:

Position                         House
1st                                  Achal House
2nd                                 Ambar House, Avni House
3rd                                      ---
4th                                  Anal House





As part of monthly activities Inter House Group Discussion Competition was conducted for classes IX, X, XI in the school Amphitheatre. The topic of the discussion was “Are we prepared for natural disasters?” A team of two students from each house participated in the competition. Students participated enthusiastically and actively in the interactive session. The result of the event is as follows:

POSITION                             HOUSE                                  PARTICIPANTS
THIRD POSITION                  ANAL HOUSE               NAINA (XI), ANSHUL KUMAR (IX A)
FOURTH POSITION               AVNI HOUSE                PRAKHAR (X B), VINITA (X A)