GDSPS Hosted Inter School QUIZ Competition

GDSPS HOSTED QUIZ USA, an Inter-School Quiz Competition, organized by the Embassy of United States on 13, November 2013 in celebration of International Education Week for students of classes IX to XII. The quiz was conducted by Mr. Aditya Nath Mubayi from Quizcraft. The quiz got an overwhelming response with participation of 130 schools from Delhi and NCR. About 350 students and teachers from various schools attended the programme and enjoyed the competition. Maj. Gen. J.K. Kapoor, Hon'ble Chairman of the school and Dr. N.P. Dhaka, Director, GDSPS welcomed Ms. Nataliya Susak, American Center Director and the Quizmaster Mr. Aditya. Hon'ble Chairman blessed the students and talked about Indian Culture which epics which state such facts that are now given by NASA. He encouraged the huge gathering of participants from various schools to learn more about their won culture also. The guest, Ms. Nataliya, thanked GDPSP for their support in organising this mega event. The quiz master put the students through several paces – written, oral, visual and rapid fire rounds.  The quiz was focused on general knowledge of American history, geography, society, personalities, elections, government, culture and current affairs. The top three winning teams won exciting prizes – IPAD mini (1st prize) IPOD Nano (2nd and 3rd prize).   Soumya Sharma and Prashant Revaneti from Amity International School, Saket emerged as winner, 1st runner up was Siddhant Pyasi and Aditya Garg from St. Columbas School and 2nd runner up was Saqib Javed and Anirudh Nair from Apeejay School, Noida.  American Center distributed participation certificate to the students who participated in the competition. This event had a resounding success in Delhi.


Children’s Day Special Assembly

Children’s Day was celebrated on 14th November with great enthusiasm in the school. A special assembly was conducted to pay tribute to India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Students presented a talk on Children’s Day, song presentation by the school choir followed by dance sequences by primary and secondary school students. The audience was enthralled with the performances. The students enjoyed the assembly put up the their peers.





Face to Faith Video Conference
Face to Faith is an innovative global schools programme connecting young people across the world. It gives students the opportunity to discuss global issues and learn about the cultural and religious backgrounds of others. Interfaith Foundation is dedicated to the Interfaith Movement, a dialogue between people of different religious traditions, with a belief that the diverse faiths and cultures may coexist and blossom into a harmonious society.

Video Conference on the theme ‘Festivals’

‘Happiness often sneaks in through a door you did not know you left open’ - John Barrymore.
Students at G.D. Salwan Public School wondered what is life like on the other side of the globe…… what it looks like, where different people live, what they do there, how they are alike and what makes them different …....... The students took part in their first video conferencing organized through the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Face to Faith programme on 20th November, 2013, on the theme ‘Festivals’.

The students opened new vistas of learning other culture while participating in a video conference with Myrhorod General English School, U.K. , Islamic Educational College, Jordon, Universal School, Ghatkopar, Alpha Matriculation School, Tamil Nadu. In a one and a half hour session, students familiarised themselves with each others’ culture and the areas they live in, interests and hobbies. They went deeper into the dialogue and explored about festivals and found difference and similarities in celebration of festivals. The students at GDSPS explained beautifully the festivals of Diwali, Id, Holi, Baisakhi and Christmas in detail, talking about the religious aspects, the stories behind each festival, the learning and the actual celebrations which take place on these festivals. Questions asked by students at Islamic Educational College, Jordon were answered so well by the students at GDSPS. Then the students at Islamic Educational College, Jordon talked about the celebrations of Orthodox Christmas which the Indian students enjoyed a lot. 

It was an enriching experience wherein the students enjoyed the novelty of dialogue in a live discussion across nations. The students were appreciated for demonstrating active listening skills and response questions spontaneously by the facilitator Jo Malone, of Tony Blair Foundation.





GD Salwan Public School, organized an Adventure Camp for students of Nursery to Class V on Thursday, 14th November 2013 in the school premises. With an active support from trained instructors and teachers of the School, students experienced fast paced power-packed adventure activities like Artificial Wall Climbing, Burma Bridge, Commando Crawl, River Crossing, Tarzan Rope etc. With the assuring smiles and motivating words of the instructors, the students were able to conquer their fears and enjoy their learning experience.

One of School’s annual features, the Day Camp teaches valuable lessons in team spirit, fair play, love for sports and discipline. Powered with hygienic nutritious lunch, the adventure camp gave the children an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and time management. Children went back happily and carried with them memories of a happy day.






As part of monthly activities Inter House Group Discussion Competition was conducted for classes IX, X, XI in the school Amphitheatre. The topic of the discussion was “Are we prepared for natural disasters?” A team of two students from each house participated in the competition. Students participated enthusiastically and actively in the interactive session. The result of the event is as follows:

POSITION                             HOUSE                                  PARTICIPANTS
THIRD POSITION                   ANAL HOUSE               NAINA (XI), ANSHUL KUMAR (IX A)
FOURTH POSITION                AVNI HOUSE                PRAKHAR (X B), VINITA (X A)





Diwali Celebrations

Diwali, the Festival of Lights was celebrated with fun and festivity at GD Salwan Public school.. The school was decorated with flowers, lanterns, diyas and candles. It was a time of fun and enjoyment. Children made Diwali cards, decorated diyas and candles to mark the festive spirit.






Children’s Day Celebration

A day celebrating childhood! Children’s Day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. The school marked the occasion as a grand fiesta. In association with Rocksport, an Adventure Camp was organized on Thursday, 14th November 2013. With an active support from trained instructors and teachers of the School, students experienced fast paced power-packed adventure activities like Artificial Wall Climbing, Burma Bridge, Commando Crawl, River Crossing, Tarzan Rope etc. within the school.
One of School’s annual features, the Day Camp teaches valuable lessons in team spirit, fair play, love for sports and discipline. Powered with hygienic nutritious lunch, the adventure camp gave the students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and time management. Children went back happily and carried with them memories of a happy day.






Helpers’ Day

All of us need helpers in our day to day life. These helpers assist us at every step in our life and render countless services. The Pre-Primary Wing of the School celebrated the Community Helper's Day to create awareness about the role of helpers in our day-to-day life. The students made ‘THANK YOU CARDS’ for all the helpers in the school and thanked their teachers, security guards and the other helpers for making their life easier at school. The day encompassed fun with education as the students learnt about the significance of different helpers.





Show and Tell – Our Helpers

The Show and Tell Activity was organized for the students of KG on Tuesday, 26 November 2013. The Pre-Primary wing crammed with little doctors, soldiers, milk-man, chef, etc. as the students came delightfully dressed up as their favourite helper exhibiting the unique characteristics of the helper they were dressed as. The students enjoyed the roles of helpers as they celebrated “Helpers’ Day” in the school. 






Visit to Rail Museum

Students of Nursery and KG visited National Railway Museum on Friday, 29 November 2013.  They were fascinated on seeing various ancient engines and tracks. Inculcation of new technologies into Indian Railway was an eye opener for them. The highlight of the day was a joy ride in the Toy Train which delighted the tiny tots.  They also explored the Rail Museum and gathered information about the largest network in India.






Video Conference : Wealth, Charity and Poverty

Students at GDSPS participated in a Video Conference on the theme Wealth, Charity and poverty on 28th November 2013 with students from Islamic Educational College – Jordan, Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School – Chennai and Xavier University HS – Philippines. With a charismatic smile and clear voice, the facilitator, Ms.  Kristen Looney laid down the rules for the video conference which were scrupulously followed during the entire session. The students did a wonderful job talking about the differences between interior and exterior wealth, the meaning and importance of charity and why one should be charitable.  Students enjoyed sharing the many ways they contribute to their community: raising money for food and clothing; visiting orphanages; helping with disaster recovery; helping the homeless; giving to the poor, etc.  Students found many similarities in what they do to support the needy in their communities. Students from G.D. Salwan Public School explained the school motto “Service before Self” as the most important example which was the motivation for them to be charitable.  The students also learnt about the various aspects of charity and its importance. During the discussion, students keenly shared their personal experiences and thoughts on the topic which motivated others also. Some remarkable questions asked were ‘what was the relationship between faith and community service’, which registered excellent responses from all the participating schools. Students heard many different motivations for helping others– for some it was faith, for some it was their country, for some it was family, for others it was the feeling they get when they help someone else. At the end of the video conference, everyone was all smiles and their faces reflected that they would be doing their level best in utilizing their wealth in a righteous manner, removing poverty from the face of the world and promoting charity. They learnt that even if we are wealthy enough, we might not be happy but if we helped the poor and the needy, we will discover the Joy of Giving.







Students of classes IV-V participated in Inter-House English Debate Competition on 29th November, 2013. The topic for the same was “Meaningful Visit-Historical Monuments vs Amusement Parks/Shopping Complexes”. Two students from each house participated in the debate with great enthusiasm and argued on the theme of a “Meaningful Visit”. Avni House bagged the first position. Achal House scored the second position followed by Ambar House at third postion.






Students of class I-III participated in Inter- Class Calligraphy Competition on November, 2013. An article from the English newspaper was selected on the spot. The students tried  their best to write neatly and correctly by following the punctuations in order to win the competition. The best three entries were selected by the class teachers and were forwarded to the judges. Following are the results of the competition:

Class 1: Ist- Dakshesh Jayna ( I-B)
IInd – Sohan Das (I-B)
IIIrd- Sweety Bhowmick (I-A)

Class 2: Ist – Sayan Chowdhary (II-A)
IInd – Yashvi Tushid (II-B)
III rd- Vanshika Sahni (II-B)

Class 3: Ist- Saifuddin (III-A)
IInd- Dhruv S. (III-B)
IIIrd- Parin Bhatia (III-B)






Report of the Follow-up Session of the SET English Workshop

A follow up session of the SET English Workshop held in May 2013, was organised at SPS Rajender Nagar on 30th November 2013 from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. The session was attended by the English faculty of all Salwan schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust.
The workshop commenced with a prayer and welcome of the faculty members. A feedback report on the SET English workshop held in May 2013 was presented by Ms. Vandana Chopra from SPS (Afternoon). The presentation comprised of various teaching practices, events and activities conducted by the English faculty in their respective schools.
A presentation on ASL was given by Ms. Jyotsna Grover and Ms. Ritika Malik from SPS Rajinder Nagar, giving a detailed description of the guidelines set by CBSE for conducting ASL. They were joined by Ms. Dolly Dhawan from G.D. Salwan Public School in answering queries.
Schools were then invited to share the innovative teaching practices implemented in their respective schools. Ms. Harmeet Kaur from G.D. Salwan Public School discussed the pattern of Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) introduced by CBSE in classes IX and XI. She explained the methodology adopted by their school to prepare students for OTBA and invited the faculty members from other schools to share methodologies. It was a highly interactive session.
Mrs. Pooja Khanna from the SPS, Rajinder Nagar, gave a presentation on the optimum use of the Dictionary and shared some of the latest word added in the Oxford Dictionary.
The faculty members from SPS Gurgaon  apprised the teachers about a new activity which they termed as “Voice Over.”  This activity was carried out for classes VI to VIII wherein students performed live on stage on a movie clip.
The ideology of the SET E-Newsletter was discussed by Ms. Jyotsna Grover. The Class XII Examination Specifications on English Core were discussed by Ms. Alka Prakash from SPS Gurgaon and on Functional English by Ms. Jyotsna Grover from SPS Rainder Nagar.
A collection of course books by various publishers was exhibited for faculty members to review and decide the books for the next academic session .i.e. 2014 -2015. The schools were asked to email a review and report of the books in use/to be prescribed by 10th December 2013 to SPS Rajender Nagar.
Vote of Thanks was moved by Ms. Alka Prakash from SPS Gurgaon. She summed up the session by complimenting all the speakers for sharing their views on various topics.
The follow-up session helped in sharing the best practices of all the schools which proved to be a greater learning experience for all the teachers who felt motivated and enriched.