Primary Activities:

Workshop on Teaching Grammar organized by RatnaSagar and Collins Publishers: Ms. Pooja Datta and Ms. Sangita Sharma from the primary section attended a Workshop on Teaching Grammar organized by RatnaSagar and Collins Publishers at the Metropolitan Hotel , Bangla Sahib Road on 24th November 2 012 .

The workshop aimed at promoting the Comunicative Language Teaching combined with the traditional methods of teaching . The resource person Ms. Elaine Higgleton and Ms. Ila Vig said focused on the issue that people need three things to learn a language effectively:

• lots and lots of exposure (listening & reading)
• practice (speaking & writing - particularly through realistic communication/interaction)
• language focus (explicit attention to lexis, functional language, pronunciation, grammar, etc)

They said that when we divide these up into smaller components, we have:

• Listening
• Reading
• Speaking
• Writing
• Attention to lexis
• Attention to functional language
• Attention to pronunciation
• Attention to grammar

The session concluded with the fact that the learners probably need more exposure than anything else, that means grammar should play about a 5-10% role in language teaching.

Mr. Dhanesh Jain , the Managing Director of Ratnasagar also said that a really good method for approaching grammar is: highlight and practice (that is - no lengthy explanations, just point out the structure using a table, or chart, or underlining sentences in a text; check that students understand what it means; do some restricted drills to build confidence and role-plays/discussions/activities to practise using the language in more natural and interactive situations).

It was an interactive session which ended with the release of Collins Bilingual dictionary and a series of new grammar book for classes I – VIII .

Diwali celebrations:KG classes celebrated Diwali with each other in class with a fun-filled DIWALI PARTY on 09.11.12. Students were told about the significance of diwali and to avoid burning crackers. All the students then shared all the food items they had got for the party with the entire class and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Diwali cards were made.

Children’s day celebrations: Students of KG had a great fun-filled day on 16.11.12 as they had a whole day of fun and frolic with games to celebrate children’s day. Students were explained why children’s day is celebrated and that they should always behave as good children and make their teachers and parents proud of themselves.

Skating and gymnastics demo: Selected students of KG who have excelled at learning skating and gymnastics showcased their talents through a demo for the students and teachers of both the sections. The demo was organized on 23.11.12

Intra-class drawing competition:An intra-class drawing competition for the KG students was held on 26.11.12 on the topic ‘A day in the zoo’. Children drew wonderful depictions of the zoo with various animals. Winners of the competition are :

KG A :

1ST: Manvi  Gosainwal
2ND Soumita Palmal
3RD : Ryan Khattar


1ST : Aakriti Chauhan
2nd: Raghav Chauhan
3rd: Prabhanoor Singh.

With a view to sensitize the kindergarten students of the school, who are the future generation and inculcate in them a healthy value system towards their own heritage, an initiative was taken through the monthly ‘Show and Tell activity’ as part of the HERITAGE EDUCATION PROGRAMME to learn about Indian monuments by making Indian monuments as the theme of November ‘s ‘Show and Tell activity’ held on 30.11.12.students spoke on monuments such as Qutub minar, Red fort , Taj Mahal etc. This would definitely help in developing young children into sensitive, responsible and progressive citizens of the society.

Helper’s day : Last but not the least ¸helper’s day was organized on 30.11.12 for the KG classes. Students made lovely thank you cards for the different helpers that assist in their school activities such as elcectrician, guard, drivers etc. and presented it to them all, to show their gratitude and love for them.

Senior Activities:

Heritage walk by G.D. Salwan students
- Keeping environmental sustainability in mind, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in collaboration with Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. has initiated Project SEARCH (Sensitisation, Education and Awareness on Recycling for Cleaner Habitat) to conduct awareness and sensitisation drives in schools in order to instil a habit of recycling amongst the youth. Students of G.D Salwan public school are taking keen interest in all the activities under this project . To continue with the good work by TERI and GDSPS, a heritage walk at Hauz Khas village was organized by TERI on 19th November ,2012 under Project SEARCH.

Ms Moby a history student conducted the tour and talked about the ruins in Hauz Khas village ,which are among the most fascinating in Delhi. She informed that the neighbourhood gets its name from the reservoir, ‘Hauz i Alai’ built by Sultan Alauddin Khalji in early 14th century, for his capital city of Siri. About 50 year after Khalji, Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq restored the silted up tank, he built a madrasa along its edge and called it the ‘Hauz Khas’. The massive madrasa complex along the lake was among the most important in the Islamic world in the 14th century. Though the structures around the tank are in dilapidated state today, the entire site and nearby attractions of Hauz Khas, continue to attract tourists from across the country.

Nature has always been very vibrant, giving and resilient to a very large extent. We, as Indians, take pride in our strong cultural heritage. Heritage is unique and irreplaceable, which places the responsibility of preservation on the current generation. We are faced today with the challenge of not only industrialisation, liberalisation and urbanisation but also to make sure that fresh air and clean water are available to our people. This is possible only by active participation both by the government and the people .This requires political will, education, and a change in the mindset of the people at large.Conservation of natural resources and culture can be achieved only through the empowerment of our young generation especially by these exceptional programs. G D Salwan school extends all its support and efforts to make environmentally friendly programs a huge success.