MAY 2013

Workshop on Interaction on changes in admission Criteria in Delhi University

The students of class XII had an opportunity to attend an interaction programme on Changes in Admission Criteria in Delhi University on 2nd May, 2013, conducted by Mr. Dinesh Singh (Vice Chancellor, Delhi University) at Multipurpose Hall, Stadium, Delhi University. The changes in the admission criteria were discussed and it was announced that the Undergraduate Courses at D.U. have been extended from 3 years to 4 years wherein extensive knowledge of a main subject along with skill based learning will be imparted to the students. He also announced that the students who take admission in 1st year will be given a free laptop for developing their skills and advanced learning.

It was a great experience for the students to be apprised with the new system at D.U. and get first-hand information.

Workshop on Revised schedule VI of Balance sheet and Project work in Business Studies

Ms. Rekha Navani, PGT Business Studies attended a workshop on Revised schedule VI of Balance sheet and Project work in Business Studies, conducted by Sultan Chand Publications on  4th May, 2013. The changes in the syllabus of class XII Accountancy were discussed. Detailed explanation on various items to be treated in the balance sheet was given. Value based Questions that have been introduced in the syllabus were also the topic of discussion. The resource persons, Mr. G.S Grewal and Mr. Sandeep Sethi, discussed the project work in Business Studies, the topics to be taken in the projects and how the students are expected to do their project work. It was a great learning experience for the faculty to get updated information for the students.


Workshop on Child Rights (Child Trafficking)

The school organized a workshop on Child Rights (Child Trafficking) for the students on 7th May, 2013, which was conducted by Ms. Jyotsna, a Documentary Film Maker. Her core area is Child Rights. A documentary was shown to the students to make them aware of the problems of child trafficking prevailing in the society, how child trafficking takes place and how the little boys and girls who are bought by agents from the villages and the sufferings they go through. The speaker also talked about how the children below the age of 14 are made to work, and not even paid by the agents. The speaker urged the students to be more aware and call up the children helpline number i.e 1098, if they see a minor working around as child labourer in their locality. It is a very sensitive issue which should be taken care of very seriously.



Workshop on SEBI and Investor Awareness

The school organized a workshop on SEBI and Investor Awareness, for the students of classes XII and XI, on 8th May, 2013. The session was conducted by the eminent resource persons - Mr.  H.K Avasthi, Legal Advisor, Voice Society; Mr. Suraj Prakash, Assistant Professor, Delhi University and Mr.  Amit Kumar Gupta, Chartered Accountant. The purpose of workshop was to provide Market awareness and Empowering Investor through Education. The class XII co-ordinator and HOD (Maths) Mr.  Ganesh Chandra, welcomed the guest speakers. The workshop commenced with the introduction by Mr.  H.K Avasthi, who apprised the students on Investment - Why should I Invest? What are my Investment Options?, What should be my Investment Objective?, What care should I take while investing? This was followed by a documentary film through which awareness was given regarding Investment. Finally Mr. Suraj Prakash concluded the session by quoting the following words, “If you buy things that you do not need today, then the day would come when you will have to sell the things you need”. It was an enriching experience to hear from such eminent people. 



Workshop on ‘Using Rubrics and Free Web Tools for assessing English Language skills’

A Professional Development Programme on ‘Using Rubrics and Free Web Tools for assessing English Language skills’ was attended by the English Language faculty - Ms. Harmeet Kaur, Ms. Nidhi Bhatia, Ms. Pratima Chawla, Ms. Pooja Datta and Ms. Sangita Sharma. The workshop was organized by the Embassy of the United States of America, New Delhi at the American Centre on 11th May, 2013. The session was conducted by Mr. Daniel Ringold, ELT expert from U.S.A. The workshop commenced with an exchange of ideas on the growing popularity of IT among students and the ways in which teachers can use the free web tools to make learning interesting for their students. The resource person explained different web tools very effectively, each followed by a task to be done by the participants in order to ensure the understanding of the usage of those web tools. 
He explained the meaning of Rubrics which is ‘Rating Scales’ and also mentioned two types of rubrics which are holistic and analytic. After this introductory note on rubrics he gave away some handouts carrying various rubrics of both the types along with their parameters which would make assessment more authentic. All the participants were awarded the certificate of participation.
The information gathered in the workshop would be used for rating life skills and the web tools for designing worksheets and activities.






The students of class IX visited PUSA Institute on 13th May 2013 as part of the integrated project for their holidays’ homework. A documented film was screened for them at the PUSA Institute. The film showed how and where the INDIAN AGRICUTURE REASERCH SYSTEM began. It was interesting to know that PUSA started its journey from Bihar by an American agriculture scientist Henry Philip. The students got a chance to see various agriculture tools, crop fields and green houses. Hybrid varieties of a range of vegetables like capsicum, tomato, cucumber etc. were grown in green houses. The visit was a part of their project to give them first-hand information of different techniques of agriculture. It was a great learning experience for the students.






CAMP ANUBHAV (2013-14) 

Anubhav camp, the annual feature, was yet another thrilling experience for the group of sixty students from classes IV- XII along with five teachers. The group started from New Delhi at 10:30 p.m. on 15th May, 2013 by bus to reach the Camp Potters’ Hills on 16th May’ 13 at 8 o’ clock in the morning.
Located at an altitude of 2050 meters, about 5 km west of Shimla, Camp Potters’ Hills covers 100 hectares of prime western Himalayan forests of Shimla. The Hill once used by Potters of Shimla to obtain clay has now been developed into a Luxury Camping Resort near Shimla which is one of its kinds in the country. Surrounding of the Camp Potters Hills is abound with beautiful flora and fauna, offering ample opportunities to the naturalists, trekkers, painters and bird watchers to try their favourite adventure activities.
The students undertook many adventure activities like river crossing, rappelling, mountain climbing and night trekking. This time two new activities were included under the category of ‘a lot more….’ They were ‘Mountain Biking’ and ‘Samba Music’. Samba Music was altogether a new experience in which the children used waste materials like buckets, empty water drums and curd drums, discarded steel plates, wooden sticks and spoons to create beats. It was an all-new experience of ‘Music out of Waste’.

The students experienced watching the sunset from a ‘machaan’. Night trekking and ghost stories were aimed at removing their fear and building confidence level. Bonfire at night rejuvenated them and helped them to get rid of the tiredness after the day’s activities.

Taking up the opportunity of being very near to the city, the children were made to visit the historical city of Shimla. They visited the Vice Regal Lodge, also the Rashtrapati Bhawan, in Shimla which is the most spectacular structure in the city. Reminiscing the old colonial days of India, this place offers a unique experience to cherish forever.

Visiting the Vice regal Lodge, which is now the Institute of Advanced Studies, is likely to transport the visitors into the fantasy world of Harry Potter. Huge hallways panelled in teak, an imposing facade, sprawling greens and state of the art technology here all contrive to take one’s breath away. The Vice Regal Lodge also houses photographs and texts from the times of the British colonial rule, which are of much interest to the history buffs. The children were shown the table on which the Partition Treaty was signed. The students also visited the famous Mall Road, the Church which is a famous land mark of Shimla and also the big Hanuman’s sculpture at Jakhu Temple. The students returned to Delhi on 18th May’ 13 with beautiful memories of the trip.








An inter-house Symposium on the topic “Baolis of Delhi” was held on 15th May, 2013 as part of monthly activities for the senior school students. Each house was represented by a team of two students. The students presented their views and had a discussion on the baolis of Delhi.
The results are as follows:
Position           House
I                      Ambar House 
II                    Avni House 
III                   Anal House





An inter-class Poster Making and Slogan Writing competition on the topic “Depletion of Ozone layer” was conducted on 15th May, 2013 as part of monthly activities for classes IX – XI. The event had a mass participation by all the students from each of the classes. The students showcased their creativity and literary skills through their presentations. Two winners from each class were declared. The results are as follows:


First Position

Second Position





Sourav Raul



Sourabh Gupta

Mansi Khandelwal


Rukmani Pandit

Prakhar Jain


Bilal Ahmed

Kajol Jain









An inter-house Rangoli making competition was held on 15th May, 2013 as a part of monthly activities for classes VI to VIII. Each house prepared beautiful circular designs of Rangoli (floral or geometrical) made from buraada or grains. The results of the Rangoli Competition are as follows:
Position           House
I                       Achal House 
II                     Anal House 
III                    Aambar House