APRIL 2016


Workshop on Capacity Building

Topic: English Core Class XII

Date: 29th June, 2016
Venue: Salwan Public School, Gurgaon
Resource Person: Ms. Sandhya Awasthi, Principal – SPS Gurgaon
Attended by: Ms. Dolly Dhawan and Ms. Harmeet Kaur, faculty members – English Department

A Workshop on Capacity Bulding English Core Class XII was conducted for PGTs from various Salwan Schools under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust on 29th June, 2016 at SPS Gurgaon. It was attended by Ms. Dolly Dhawan and Ms. Harmeet Kaur. Major General P.K. Mangal, Director SPS Gurgaon, addressed the participants and talked about the importance of English in the 21st century. The Resource Person Ms. Sandhya Awasthi, Principal – SPS Gurgaon commenced the workshop with an interactive activity to teach poetry in Class XII. The poem 'Aunt Jennifer's Tigers' was dealt in detail wherein she laid emphasis on the introduction to the poem, while reading and post reading tasks. Each group gave a presentation on different aspects of the lesson. An activity to identify various poetic devices was taken up in detail. The CBSE marking scheme was discussed with emphasis on value points for each answer.
The next session focussed on Note-Making. The concept of '3 to 4' in Note-Making was found to be very useful in attempting the question. The format was discussed with the help of an example. Ms. Awasthi stated the fact that Reading Comprehension is generally found to be the most neglected one in classroom teaching and the classes are mainly focused on teaching of literature and writing skills. Teachers need to make the students practice reading comprehension with the methodology of 'Skim-Scan-Infer' to be able to attain better marks in this section.
The last session on the making of question paper was taken up through the use of Bloom's Taxonomy. She emphasised on 'KUA' the lower order thnking skills – Remembering (Knowledge), Understanding and Applying. An activity was conducted in which each participant had to prepare two questions from an unseen passage, based on each classification of the Bloom's Taxonomy. A quiz was conducted to identify the type of classification of various questions prepared by the participants. The workshop was very interactive and useful for the teachers. It was a great learning through sharing of ideas.