Montessori Activities:

Mango Masti Week: Nursery classes celebrated Mango Masti Week in the month of July in which the children did the colouring in mango, made and ate mango fruit chart, did mango race, and head gears of mango were also made in class.

Blue Colour Day: Children dressed up in blue colour clothes and brought one blue object from their home and spoke few lines on it.

Visit to Buddha Garden: Visit to Buddha Garden was organized in the second week of July. Children did nature walk and enjoyed playing on the green lawns there.

Visit To Bhuli Bhatiyari: Visit to the heritage site of Bhuli Bhatiyari was organized on 27th July 2012. Children were told the story behind the monument. They were shown the fort, water tank, and natural beauty of that place.

Visit to a Pet Shop: Under the Heritage Programme a visit to pet shop was organized by Montessori Department on 26th July 2012. Children visited a pet shop named Sicons – The Pet Safari in Karol Bagh. Pet stores are wonderful places for children to visit to gain a love for animals. Pet shop had parrots, birds, fishes etc. Children were amazed at the amount of animals they saw and even can spend ages just watching those animals.

The aquariums full of pretty colorful fishes were the popular attractions. Being introduced to birds, rabbit was a wonderful way to create a love for them whether big or small. Pet shop also provided the facility of Dog saloon, Vet clinic as well as Dog Accessories. They even saw a dog being washed which was a new and amazing experience for kids to watch. Children had an interactive session with the pet shop owner about the kind of species they were having, their proportions etc. Coming back to school children made a origami of a fish. It was a fun filled trip for them.

Primary Activities:

Inter Class Hindi Folk/Patriotic Song Competition:-The monthly activity for July was marked by Inter-Class Hindi Folk/Patriotic song. All the students shared their team spirit and very excitedly sang Hindi Folk/Patriotic songs. Songs were patriotic and folk based for which theme was related to water, monsoon, and swings. The Judge appreciated the efforts of preserving this patriotic and heritage spirit in young blood.

Inter House Instrumental Competition:-All the four houses prepared their 3 students for inter-house instrumental competition. The competition was judged on various parameters like co-ordination, presentation and rhythm. All the participants played really well. The judge praised their performances and appreciated them.

Mango Masti Week : Mango masti week was celebrated by kg classes, free-hand drawing, colouring and clay moulding on the mango was done. Mango custard was served. Children enjoyed eating the yummy custard.

Show And Tell: Fruits And Vegetables: Children spoke a few lines related to various fruits and vegetables, their importance and health benefits. It’s true “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” 

Visit To Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal :A visit to Bhuli Bhatiyari ka mahal for the kg classes was organised on 10.07.12. Our school has adopted this monument as part of the heritage education programme. Children were excited to see this monument. Free-hand drawing and colouring done by children as a follow-up activity. 

Sandwich Making: The KG children thoroughly enjoyed the delicious activity of sandwich making. The children themselves spread butter on their slices and filled it with cut vegetables. The children could be seen as eating the sandwich with an extra joy and excitement as they themselves had made it.

  Senior Activities :

GD Salwanians preserving the past for the future: The Heritage Club ‘Dharohar’ of G.D.Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar organized a tree plantation drive on 28th July 2012 at Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal,Southern Ridge Pusa Road which has been officially adopted from the State Department of Archaeology by the school for restoration. It was an attempt to sensitize young minds about the importance of heritage conservation. 

Not only the students and teachers but the parents also joined hands and accompanied their children for this noble cause. For maximum involvement of parents, we did this on the Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM).

Dr. Naveena Jafa, who is a famous walk leader and Heritage Consultant , currently working with Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation (SRDC) also graced the occasion with her presence. She shared her valuable experiences and interesting anecdotes about Delhi’s Heritage with the parents and the students. 

The Programme was a combined effort of the Student Council and the House Teachers who prepared informative posters and banners that were displayed at the venue.

Ms Seema Goyal, Coordinator Heritage Education Programme said that the aim of heritage conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage sites should be retained for future generations to enjoy. She further said that conservation means all the processes of looking after a place so as to retain its cultural significance and encompass maintenance preservation, restoration, reconstruction and adaptation and will commonly be a combination of more than one of these.”

The school Principal Mrs. Vijay Laxmi Singh said,” One of the reasons of recent frequent natural disasters is the decreasing Green Cover on the planet. With the increase in population, trees are being cut, in huge numbers, to meet human requirements. It’s our responsibility therefore, to plant trees in lieu of all those that have been cut so far.

The students learned about the various Heritage sites, their history and traditions of their own and other cultures, about ecology and the importance of protecting biodiversity. They become aware of the threats facing the sites and learned how a little cooperation can help save heritage. Most importantly, they discovered how they can contribute to heritage conservation and make themselves heard. This encouraged the children, the future citizens of Delhi to enthusiastically move forward in the participation of this heritage conservation. 

A brief session of an inspirational talk by the chief guest of the day, Dr. Naveena Jafa was followed by the enthusiastic planting of saplings in the Bhuli Bhatiyari premises by the house mistresses, students and their parents. The Principal and Dr. Naveena Jafa took the lead and set an example for everyone to follow. All departed from the venue with a sense of achievement and pride.

Project Search Workshop By TERI: A WORKSHOP BY TERI was organized in Modern School on 23rd July’12. 10 students of class IX along with Ms. Alka Bhatia, Eco Club co-ordinator attended the workshop.

Welcome address was given by a student of Modern School and she emphasized on 4R’s-Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Refuse. She also told about the nuance of Project Search till date.

“Awareness about recycling to save Planet Earth” was the motto of the workshop.

Ms. Ragini, a team member of TERI talked about initiatives made by schools and its students. She also gave a gist of the year round program under Project Search IV.

In the end a movie developed by Project Search Team was shown which helped to sensitize students towards recycling the waste and responsibilities towards Planet Earth.

Visit to Bhuli Bhatiyari: “It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.” - Branch Rickey

On 04.07.12, Tuesday, the entire staff of G.D. SALWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL undertook a visit to the monument ‘bhuli bhatiyari’. This monument has been adopted by the school as part of Heritage Education Programme. Our school has undertaken the conservation and adoption task to uplift the dilapidated condition of this monument.

The entire staff, students, parents, and even local community will be stakeholders in this initiative of our school. This was an inaugural visit to acquaint the teachers with the monument, it’s surroundings and the task that lay ahead in beautifying the monument that has been left uncared for in the past.

The coming academic session will witness plenty of activities from all classes and our best efforts at creating awareness and improving the condition of our adopted monument.