Report of Workshop Attended

Kartica Modi, Isha Bhatia, Mishita, Suprava and Rohit of class IX had the opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘Every Day is Earth Day’ organised by Ministry of Earth Sciences at Delhi Secretariat I.P Estate Auditorium on 11th July, 2013. Participating In the interactive session, Kartica Modi,  student of class-IX-A, expressed his concern on the ‘Future of Mother Earth’ by quoting the recent devastation that struck Uttarakhand. He urged the audience to think of the ways that such incidents do not occur in future. The change must begin at home and as future global citizens it was their duty to save the environment and make this earth a better place to live in. Suprava, a student of class IX B, laid stress on the ways how each one of us can contribute towards a Greener Earth by saving electricity and water. She shared with the audience the measures taken by her own family members to contribute towards this mission.






Career Counselling Workshop

The school organized a Career Counselling workshop for the students of classes XI and XII on 16th July, 2013 which was conducted by renowned career counsellor Mr. Jitin Chawla. He made the students aware about array of options available in the field of science after senior secondary examination. He gave students the glimpse of world full of opportunities where the students could work according to their interests. He also told the students about various institutes and various websites which they could explore for more information. Various career options discussed by him were Engineering, Research Work, Chartered Accountants, Management, Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical, Civil Engineering, Army, BMS, MBBS, Psychologist, etc.

He also discussed numerous real life examples with the students. A Presentation was also shown to the students on various career opportunities. He spoke to the students about the importance of being updated by reading newspapers and keeping a check on upcoming options regularly. The students should take the first mover advantage to be successful in life. It was an informative session which proved to be quite enriching for the students.






Global Conference on “Skilling in Schools“

A Global Conference on “Skilling in Schools” was attended by faculty members Ms. Alka Bhatia , Ms. Rekha Nawani on 18th July 2013 at PHD House, New Delhi. The session commenced with an introduction to vocational training in schools to equip the students with various skills and tools required to face the outside world. The conference was presided over by Mr. V.V. Prasada Rao, Director, CBSE, who emphasised on the dignity of labour. He apprised the gathering about 40 courses at senior secondary level and 4 courses at secondary level, which have been introduced by CBSE. He also stressed on the need for the change in the mindsets of parents and students and the encouragement of vocational training in main stream teaching.
The courses have been introduced taking care of the interest of the students in whatever field they wish to pursue, so that he /she could be offered the vocational course. This will help those students to be more competent, who are not able pursue further education after +2 level. CBSE is also on talks with various industries, through which students could get better placements.
CBSE had introduced Vocational Education in 1979. Today 40 courses are being offered under 6 domains.  Mr. Rao informed that Ministry of HRD has launched National Vocational Education Quality Framework (NVEQF)  programme in January 2013, starting vocational courses from class IX onwards to be implemented in educational  system through schools, colleges, polytechniques and universities from the academic session 2013-14.
Sessions 3 and 4 laid stress on the partnership with schools, colleges and industries. Various institutes like Centum learning, Pearson are working towards vocational education in schools by not only training the teachers but also providing training centers. Ms. Parul Ohri of My city4kids.com emphasised on soft skills like being articulate, possessing leadership qualities, adaptability, confidence etc. These skills are required by industries and cannot be taught in a day. So schools need to further enhance these skills in students.
CBSE is trying to put in continual efforts to improvise existing courses and devise new courses which are  relevant to current economy.


Certification level

Normal/Formal Education

Vocational Education

Number of hours for Vocational Education

Number of hours for Formal Education


Secondary level
 Grade IX

3 Formal and 2 vocational courses




Secondary level
 Grade X

3 Formal and 2 vocational courses




Senior Secondary level
 Grade XI

3 Formal and 2 vocational courses




Senior Secondary level
 Grade XII

3 Formal and 2 vocational courses








Worshop on Career Exploration

The school organized a workshop on Career Exploration for class XII students on 25th July, 2013, which was conducted by Ms. Ekta Mahajan   (Director 3S Educare Company). The students were guided about the importance of being focused to achieve their target in life. An activity was conducted for the students in which there were three gates made by the students of different height and the aspiring job seekers, who were the other group of students, were supposed to select a gate of their choice. Some students who selected a narrow gate could not stay for long in that gate as they found it uncomfortable while some students could not find an appropriate gate for themselves. The purpose of the activity was to make the students realise the importance of choosing the right career for them so that they do not face midlife crisis of being unsatisfied with their work profile.
The resource person, Ms. Ekta, also introduced the students to various kinds of tests which can be conducted to determine the interest and skill of a person which would help the students choose their career. The students found the session very informative as it was a good learning experience for them.






Workshop on Career Exploration

The school organized a workshop on Career Exploration for the students of class XI on 26th July, 2013, which was conducted by Ms. Ekta Mahajan   (Director 3S Educare Company). The purpose of the workshop was to develop an understanding amongst the students about their focus on career choices. An activity was conducted by the resource person to develop marketing skills in the students and various factors that should be considered while taking marketing decisions.
Ms. Ekta also introduced the students with various kinds of tests which can be conducted to determine the interest and skill of the person which would help the students choose their career.







The students and staff members of G.D. Salwan Public School, following the popular adage ‘Each one Plant one’ and keeping in mind the importance of trees went on a plantation drive to Rajputana Rifle, Ridge road on 27th July, 2013. They planted saplings, added manure and watered the plants as well.
The purpose of this plantation was to make everyone aware about the essential role played by trees. Without trees, earth would have been a dead planet of mountains and deserts. Natural beauty of our earth and fertility of land depends upon the existence of trees only. The students and teachers participated with great zeal and it helped them to imbibe the environmental spirit.




STAFF MEETING – 27th July, 2013

 ‘The end of learning is not more books but more life.With this aim Science workshop was conducted by the Science Department which was attended by all staff members.

The session commenced with a prayer to the Almighty followed by a presentation on ‘Leadership   Development Programme for School Students of Project SEARCH member schools” by  Divyank Sachdeva,   student of class XI A and Ms. Alka Bhatia, HOD-Science who had the opportunity to attend the camp which was  held at Swapangandha Valley – Chorla Ghats at Goa Karnataka border for three days. They were among 60 students and 12 teachers selected for the programme from all the Delhi schools.  It was a creative and enriching experience.


This was followed by a Presentation on Robotics by Mr. Kapil Aggarwal. He presented various robotics models in his presentation and stressed upon the use and importance of activity based learning for the students.  This enhances the retention of the topics taught.

A video on GLOBAL WARMING was shown to all staff members, which was indeed an eye opener for people about how climate is at the verge of destruction. It was followed by an environment awareness quiz and prizes were given to the winners.

The Principal, Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh, appreciated the efforts of the Science Department in conducting the workshop. She stressed on the need for team-work in schools and to make the class lessons more interactive with the use of smart boards.


The staff members were introduced to TES India, website for teachers’ resources by the team of TES India, Ms. Meeta  Rastogi and Mr. Sachin, who explained the facilities provided by the website to the teachers, to help them in achieving their goals.


A training session on the use of Smartboards was conducted by Tata ClassEdge for the teachers to make them use the tools of the smart class more efficiently.



Munshi Premchand Day Celebrated

Students of G.D. Salwan Public School were exposed to the finest expressions in the Hindi language on the occasion of Munshi Premchand Diwas on 31st July, 2013. The event aimed to make the students aware about the great works of Munshi Premchand as well as bring forth creativity in the usage of the language through an Inter-House Kavi Sammelan, which had students participating from each of the four houses of classes VI to X.

The  programme  commenced with  the  lighting  of the lamp, by the school Principal  Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh  and  Ms. Rekha Sharma, H.O.D. (Hindi) followed by a prayer to the almighty, ‘Teri hai zameen tera aasman’ by the school choir. The life, works and achievements of Premchand were highlighted by the student Priyanshi Sharma. Good thoughts always rejuvenate us, was well quoted by Aanchal in her thought of the day.

Importance of laughter in today’s stressful  life  is  definitely important - was the motive  behind  the organization of  the  ‘Hasya Kavi  Sammelan’, which was proved  very well  by the participants. The humour, powerful expressions with intonation and apt costumes added to the overall effect. Ambika  from Ambar House and Saurabh Gupta  from Anal house expressed  their  views  on the plight  of  a student  who  reached late  in the examination hall. Shruti  Sonkaria from Anal House, through her poetry, expressed  the feelings  of a woman   to  own  a  banarasi  saree  and the  way  an Indian  woman  bargains  while shopping. Manya from Avni house commented on the rising prices and showed her concern for the attitude of politicians. Isha  made a  mockery of  the  present  day  system  where the  common   man has to face many problems  to get a simple work done.  Mrigank, through his poem, showed how Gandhiji would have lived in this 21st century. Now a days  , people  do  not  have time  to listen  to the poets , their   tastes are  changing. Daniel  from Ambar  House  spoke  about  an  advertisement  given  by a poet , where  he   wants  to find some listeners  for  his  poem. While the results were being prepared, a small quiz based on stories of Premchand was held for the students.  Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz. The programme was compered very well by Vani.

Finally, the school Principal Ms. Singh honoured the prize winners. Saurabh Gupta from Anal House secured the First Position while Manya from Avni House bagged the Second Position and the Third Position was jointly shared by Shruti and Mrigank from Anal House. Principal Ms. Singh applauded the efforts of the participants and encouraged the other students to come up and participate, as participation is important than winning. The programme was appreciated and enjoyed

The programme was a grand success and a reminder that G.D. Salwan Public School is creating an environment that is making excellence a habit in each endeavor  and propelling the children to a new and a brighter future.




Intra-Class Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition
(VI - XI)
Topic: Van Mahotsava

An intra-class Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition was organised on the theme “Van Mahotsava” on 31st July, 2013. The class teachers judged the students’ work and declared the prize winners.
Class – wise Result of the competition:


First Entry

Second Entry


Harshit Aggarwal

Mahima Marwah


Gautam Gupta



Ojasav Kaim




Muskan Kaim



Anupam Dhiman


Naman Jaggi

Prabhneet Kaur


Harshit Sharma

Mohit Thareja


Bhavya Garg



M. Vinay

Tushar Malik


Bhavya Manchanda



Dimpy Gupta



Naina Aggarwal

Sakshi Talwar


Dhurv Verma





Inter-Class Hindi Patriotic/Folk Song Competition

 An Inter-Class Hindi Patriotic / Folk Song Competition was organized for the students of classes I-V on 31st July, 2013. The event had the participation of a large number of students who sang enthusiastically folk songs of different states pertaining to various seasons and environment. There were also patriotic songs sung by the students with full zest and high spirits.
The song presentations were judged on various parameters like melody, co-ordination and rhythm. Each class presentation was marked with great efforts and zeal. Class V-A bagged the first position while the second position was secured by Class II-B. The Third Position was shared by classes IV-B and V-B.