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Scholar Awards Ceremony and Christmas Celebrations

DATE: 25th January, 2019
Republic Day was celebrated at Gyan Devi Salwan Public school on 30th January 2019 with great pride and patriotic fervour. The entire school was resplendently decorated in the shades of tricolour. The festivities commenced on a musical note. The choir group of the school played a note which reverberated melodiously in the ears of everyone. It was followed by felicitation of the achievers of classes VI-IX with scholarships instituted by Salwan Education Trust, by venerated P.T.A members and Principal Ms.Mukul Jha. The event further enthused the audience with a beautiful poem-Hathon mein tiranga ho by Harjap Singh of class IV. The spectacular dance and drama by the students of primary classes stole the hearts of everyone. Further the students showcased their dancing skills on the song ‘Anek swar Ek geet’ .The power and energy exhibited by young Salwanians was befitting to the occasion, who showcased their commitment and dedication and assured of a brighter future ahead. This was followed by the speech by Principal Ms.Mukul Jha, who shared some real life experiences and reiterated the need for being resolute in our path to achieve our goal. The event concluded with the National Anthem.
** Celebrations with great reverence in our school. Students of GDSPS organised a colourful and vibrant events to commemorate our 70th Republic Day.   Snapshots.




Visit to SET NAVAL TRIP – Mumbai & Goa Naval Base

  Date: 5th to 11th January, 2019  

Salwan Education Trust organised a visit to the Naval base in Mumbai and Goa for the students of Salwan schools under its aegis. It was a wonderful and lifetime experience for the group of 29 students, 2 teachers - Ms. Dolly Dhawan from G. D. Salwan Public School and Mr. Gotam Tyagi from SPS Trans City Ghaziabad and Col. Kaul Director SPS Trans City Ghaziabad.
The group reached Mumbai on 5th January and stayed at The Indian Navy Sailor's Institute, Colaba. They experienced the life of sailors, how they stayed at such places and the kind of food they ate. The students showed a good code of conduct and exhibited high respect for the sailors from Indian Navy by maintaining low noise level and pleasant disposition.The trip was a memorable and inspirational experience for the students, which gave them a lifetime opportunity to watch the Indian Navy so closely and experience their life, submarines, warships, fabrication workshops, etc. The entire group of students and teachers is thankful to Salwan Education Trust and Hon’ble Chairman Salwan Public school, Trans City Ghaziabad Admiral Jaitley for organizing this visit and providing them with such a wonderful experience.





Inter House Debate Competition

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive.” John F Kennedy
To culminate the English Month on a memorable note, an Inter House Debate Competition was organised for the students of classes IV and V on January 31st , 2019 at Amphi theatre. The topic of the competition was ‘Should teachers be replaced by the internet?’. There were 5 participants in all, for which some spoke in the favour of the topic while others were against.
Debate is an effective tool which trains one’s analytical and critical thinking along with persuasive speaking. Participants spoke diligently and meticulously presented their ideas before the spectators. They beautifully expounded their ideas in support of teacher’s role in today’s scenario. A teacher epitomises a perfect blend of knowledge and compassion. Nothing on this earth can ever take teacher’s place. They spoke in reverence and expressed utmost gratitude to all the teachers.
While on the other hand, children from two houses spoke how technology has taken over the role of a teacher. They convinced the audience with some of the most indomitable points. They valued the role of a teacher, however for extensive knowledge it becomes imperative to use internet. In today’s world where advancement is happening by leaps and bounds; technology comes as a saviour to young aspirants. It is a necessity that is only used to shoulder the responsibility.
Adjudicators embraced the winners with the certificates and appreciated all the participants. The following participants were felicitated as the winners of the competition: -
Sanvi of Amrit House bagged the First Position, followed by Yahvi Gupta of Agni House securing second position. The Third Position was taken by Harjap Singh of Avni House.




                                                  Inter-Class Song Competition
DATE: 29th January, 2019

Inter Class English Song Competition. (classes 1,2 and 3)
‘Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.’
With utmost delight and enthusiasm little angles of classes 1, 2 and 3 sang melodiously in Inter Class English Song Competition, that was held on January 29th, 2019. Children were seen singing some of the most popular songs that are eternal in nature. From inspiring songs like I have a Dream, A Beautiful Day to a pulsating number; One Love by Blue, children gave a mesmerising performance. Their captivating singing stole everyone’s heart. With a pinch of innocence, dash of rhythm, and bountiful zeal and energy they transported the audience to another world; making the event a grand success.
The air was filled with melody and exuberance. Their powerful rendit

ion was greatly appreciated by the adjudicators of the event. Classes 1-A, 2-A and 3-A won first position



                                Teacher’s workshop on Environment Education            

Date & Day - January 11, 2019 ,Friday
Venue - WWF-India Auditorium
Time - 9 am to 2 pm

If we can’t clean the surroundings, then we must not dirty it! Nature is the miracle we all depend upon..
With the aim to strengthen the capacity of schools and teachers, to create awareness on matters of the environment while connecting with young minds of today for contributory actions towards our planet, a workshop on Environmental Education was conducted for all Salwan Schools. It also aimed to promote approaches that connect life with learning, and inspire critical thinking.
Mrs. Radhika Suri, Director, Environment Education, WWF-India initiated the workshop with a warm welcome address and stressed on the need for green action to be taken by the schools.
After few inspiring words by her, a documentary “A Plastic Ocean” was shown; a film exploring the impact of plastic on people and the planet followed by an online quiz. 
The participants were apprised of The One Planet Academy, which is a digital resource portal for teachers and students. It allows them to access interesting and engaging educational material at the click of a button and provides ideas for projects and activities along with publications related to educating young learners about the environment.
The workshop also touched upon important environment issues that can help young students make wise decisions and choices from the very beginning. Instilling students with a sense of responsibility towards the environment from the very beginning can be the cause behind the fruitful environment that we all wish to witness tomorrow.

The workshop was concluded on the note that education is the most powerful enabler of change. The participants pledged to conserve and nurture the environment by contributing their bit.
It left the attendees with a message that stated: THINK BIG, ACT SMALL BUT START NOW!