G.D. Salwan Book Carnival

Date: December 31, 2015
Venue: Salwan School ground
A grand Book Carnival was organised by Gyan Devi Salwan Public School to celebrate the essence of books. The carnival was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chairperson-GDSPS Ms. Janak Juneja.
The fair was a reasonable indication of what children are reading these days. It was also a fair reflection of what reading material is available for children today.
Various publishers like Viva, Ratnasagar, Booklink, Navneet and Madhuban showcased their published books. Viva and the American Center also conducted quiz competitions to encourage children and inculcate the love of reading in them.

Ratnasagar and Madhuban publication also conducted story telling sessions for primary classes. Beautiful stories were narrated using puppets, voice modulation, facial expressions and gestures. Mr. Sridhar Balan and Ms. Geetanjali Kumar were the resource persons for the same. The aim of the session was to enhance the listening skills of the students, expand their vocabulary, knowledge base and sentence structure through stories. Children were encouraged to read and learn from these stories. The resource persons spoke to the children on ways to strengthen reading and also about the relationship between children and books.
Apart from publishers, classes VIth to IXth had put up the following stalls of fun games and exciting activities.

Memory Game            (VI A)
The participants had to memorize a series of cards placed in front of them before they were turned upside down. To win a prize participants had to correctly select a pair of matching cards within four chances.


Level Header (VI B) & The Rockers (VIII B)

Participants of these games had to balance as many books as possible to win the prize.


Spin Yarn on Music     (VII A)
Musical chair with a twist! As and when participants were eliminated they were required to create a story, line by line. The winner got the opportunity to read out the final story besides winning exciting prizes.


Letters in a bucket          (VII B)
Seven letters were to be taken out of a bucket and a meaningful word had to be made out of it within 30 seconds. Students of various classes took part in this activity and won many prizes. The aim of this activity was to enhance and reinforce the vocabulary of the students.


Reading is Fun!              (VIII A)
Students had to speak out given words while performing various physical movements like jumping, hopping etc.


Literary Prediction        (IX A)
The players were supposed to read the title of the book and predict its story. Correct predictions were rewarded with great prizes. It was a novel way of sharpening the student’s imagination.


We are in a Book!            (IX B)
Students got an opportunity to click selfies through cut-outs of Cinderella and Noddy.


Books for All…
The School library showcased a unique stall wherein anyone could pick a book of their choice free of cost. There couldn’t be a better idea to celebrate books than this.
Children enjoyed each and every stall and were rewarded with books and chocolates.
Overall it was a beautiful carnival where children had a lot of fun along with learning a plethora of activities. The response was overwhelming and both teachers and students enjoyed every bit of the event.








Date : 3 December, 2015

A career selection workshop was organized by the school for the students of 9th- 12th in order to help them understand various career options available to them and the coprressponding streams that can be taken for the same.

SPEAKER :- Jitin Chawla

The speaker focused on the discussions related to how the personality of an individual , his/her aptitude , interest and ability to help determine and choose a career. He also informed the students about the career options that could be taken up with the combinations of Commerce without Maths. He also discussed various career fields with the combinations of Science. Other than the dicussions related to the fields available , the websites offering more information about the field were also discussed.





Environment Quiz

Date :- 1 December, 2016
Venue :- Gyan Devi Salwan Public School
Participants: - Students of classes IV - X

An Environment Quiz was conducted in the school assembly as well as written quiz for classes IV - X as part of Mass Promotion Campaign in order to create awareness about conservation of petroleum products. The students were apprised of this year's theme: Clean Fuel with tagline as "Indhan ho Swachh, Jan Gan Rahe Swasth.

Learning Outcome: Children were sensitised towards the need to conserve nonrenewable resources of energy. They realised that if less fuel is burnt then there would be less pollution in the air which will help to clean our environment and keep people healthy.





December Activities (KG)


Western Music Performance Day

The Western Music Performance Day was celebrated on Thursday, 03.12.2015 wherein the students of each class presented one English poem/song alongwith their Western Music Teacher Mr. David. The activity was a platform to develop their social, communication and language skills.



Inter-School English Poetry Recitation Competition
A team of five students- Harsheen Kaur, Aarika Thakur, Suhana Mehta, Ranya Goswami and Rishika Gupta from Gyan Devi Salwan Montessori School participated in the Fourteenth Annual S Mahan Singh Memorial Inter School English Poetry Recitation Competition held on Wednesday, 09.12.2015 at Guru Tegh Bahadur Third Centenary Public School, Mansarovar Garden. It was indeed a proud moment when the expressive rendition of Suhana Mehta won her the 3rd Prize in the Poetry Recitation Competition.




Poetry & Indian Music Performance Day
Indian Music Performance Day was organized for the students on Thursday, 10.12.2015 to develop confidence, improve vocabulary and also help the students come out of stage fear. The students recited beautiful poems which enthralled everyone present there. It was a very enriching and enjoyable experience for the students.




Educational Visit: Church
To celebrate Christmas in its true spirit, student of GDSMS visited the Church Friday, 11.12.2015 at Bible Bhavan, Khan Market. Church services included carol singing (happy songs which tell the Christmas story) which was followed by Gift giving to all students (Representing the ‘spirit of giving’ for which Christmas is known). The story of Jesus' birth (the nativity) was told to the students through a short audio visual. The students were also served with light refreshment. It was an excellent and memorable visit.




PEC Activity: Responding to commands and signals
The PEC Activity aimed at making students respond to a given command. A listening game was organized wherein the students had to pay attention to the instructions that they were receiving and respond accordingly. A playing area was designated using cones to establish the boundaries. Students were spread out in their own personal space within this playing area. The activity started by calling out different commands one by one and students responded with appropriate actions. To keep the students interested and alert, the commands were continuously switched. To change a command, the students were first stopped by using a drum beat/ Stop command. The teacher also used these commands to help the students explore movement, for example, 'move slowly', 'move quickly' or 'freeze like a statue'. The activity helped the students to develop listening skills while having fun.




Art Performance Day
Art Performance Day was celebrated on Thursday, 17.12.2015 wherein the students of each class created their own artefacts on the theme ‘Christmas’. The students enjoyed colouring different things related to the festival.




Winter Carnival Week
The much awaited Rock ‘n’ Roll Winter Carnival Week was the most exciting and happening week for kids. The fun week celebrated in high Christmas spirit was undoubtedly the most memorable and enjoyable for children.

Day 1: Santa Race
A Santa Race for organized for the students on Thursday, 17.12.2015 wherein wearing a Santa cap each child ran fast and raced to the finish line. 

Day 2: Decorating Christmas tree/ Christmas worksheets
The students enjoyed decorating Christmas Trees and worksheets on Friday, 18.12.2015. For our little ones, decorating the tree was just fun. Engaging them in such fun-filled activities, helps inculcate a feeling of joy, an urge to make friends and they also learn to cooperate with each other.

Day 3: Christmas card: Decorating Christmas tree
Students used glitter and colourful stickers to decorate the Christmas tree pasted on their cards. The activity was done on Monday, 21.12.2015 making it a very cherishable day for them. This seasonal craft is a great way to work on fine motor skills such as colouring and gluing.

Day 4: Special Assembly: Christmas
I heard the bells, on Christmas Day, their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat, of peace on earth, good will to men.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Joy and gaiety pervaded the atmosphere as the students of Montessori Wing celebrated Christmas with enthusiasm and fervour. A Special Assembly was presented by students of class Nursery-A on Tuesday, 22.12.2015.
The beautiful Christmas decor in the Amphitheatre beckoned all to the festive preparations for the day’s celebration. A live Crib on stage depicted Christ’s birth in the Manger on 25th December. The event was set to a start, with the beautiful portrayal of the birth of Jesus Christ. With a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and twinkle in their eyes, children narrated the story, thus spreading the message of love, joy and peace. Christmas carols sung melodiously by the students made the programme even more enjoyable. Santa’s much awaited entry, was the culmination of the whole show, wherein children hoped to get a sweet from Santa as he merrily wished the august gathering, ‘Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year-2016.’
The children in their bright and colourful costumes were a delight to watch. The audience comprising of parents, teachers and students, were left spell bound with this enthralling performance. Children dispersed to their classes happy with the aim to celebrate Christmas with a new spirit of caring and sharing, to spread the joy of the season around.

Day 5: Christmas Celebration (Christmas Party)
On Wednesday, 23.12.2015, the students had their long-anticipated Christmas party which was a Christmas themed party full of fun activities and treats for excited little children who couldn’t wait until December 25th! Students enjoyed singing carols and sharing lots of party food with their friends. All in all, it was a super fun day spent celebrating Christmas and having fun with friends.




Gymnastic Demo & Skating Demo
The Gymnastics and Skating Demonstrations were held on Monday, 21.12.2015 and Wednesday, 23.12.2015 respectively. The aim was to inspire students to practice and hone their skills. The demonstration by the talented students not only provided great entertainment for other students, but also set good examples of positive behaviours for them. These demonstrations are all about turning inspiration into aspiration.




Inter-Class Carol Singing Competition
An Inter-Class Carols Singing Competition was organized for the students of Class KG on Wednesday, 30.12.2015. Students happily sang Christmas Carols spreading holiday cheer to people on the premises. The parents and staff were delighted to hear them sing the carols that they had been rehearsing over the past few weeks.  Equally, the children were pleased that their singing brought so much pleasure to such an enthusiastic audience. Class KG-B emerged as the winner of the competition.




Clay Moulding Performance Day
The Clay Moulding Performance Day for classes Nursery and KG was organized on Wednesday, 30.12.2015, wherein the students displayed their skill in moulding the clay and creating interesting things. Such self-initiated activity fosters intelligence, imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills in children.




Book Carnival- ticket to good reading…
In order to engage our school students in the enchanting world of books and to develop a culture of reading, a Book Carnival was organized in School premises on Thursday, 31.12.2015. Various fun activities like games, story narration, etc. were also conducted. The students had great fun getting their pictures clicked in the “Click a Pic” stall as Little Red Riding Hood/Mowgli. The emphasis was on the creation of an enabling environment for reading in the school.